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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Munch Post: Improvised Strawberry-Melon Milk Shake

It's Friday once again - Time for the weekend getaways and my Friday Much Post!

I found some left-over melons in our fridge! It was not in season so although they were pretty juicy, the taste wasn't as attractive enough to eat the pieces one by one. I wanted to make some Melon Juice but I wanted the meat shredded and not squared so it was too cumbersome for that.

I came up with Strawberry-Melon Milk Shake after thinking that maybe 2 fruits were healthier than 1. The milk would prevent osteoporosis and the shake can ward off the heat. It just made sense to do everything without spending anything.

Fruit shake stands attract a lot of people in bazaars or in schools. I just thought I could do it too without leaving the house.

Now here's how I got the strawberry part. I used the strawberry milk in our fridge. It was also sweet already so I just thought I'd try some improvised Strawberry-Melon Milk Shake. I used ice cubes in place of the normal shredded shake ice and hoped that my blender could do the job for me. 

Here's my Improvised Strawberry-Melon Milk Shake "recipe":

Melons cut into squares
Strawberry Milk
Sugar to taste

Blend together the melons, strawberry milk, ice and a little bit of cold water. Mix with spoon every once in a while to move those chunks. Remove from blender. Pour the shake in a glass. Add sugar and more ice if needed.

It's not as sweet as the ones they sell at stands and you can control the fruits you want. The blender reduced my ice cubes to bubbles.

Feel free to experiment and tell me all about it.

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