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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Munch Post: Improvised Kimchi Rice!

This blog is expanding by post! Thanks to Flow for the inputs and for encouraging me! I want to include my attempts at improvised cooking. Sometimes, you just can't find those darn ingredients or you just have to make do with what you have at home because you're too lazy to go to the supermarket.

I woke up late one afternoon and couldn't find any prepared and cooked food on the table for lunch. Here's what happened:

The only edible thing in our fridge that I was forced to eat was bottled kimchi. Are you a fan of Kimchi? Have leftovers at home too? My sisters could eat from the bottle but each brand tastes different. I couldn't handle the spiciness of this one. The solution: Cook the kimchi. The other flavors (such as saltiness) will come out and cooking it always seems to make the spicy flavor disappear, at least for me. (I always do this when we go to a Korean BBQ and they think I am weird. My Korean classmate taught me this method!)

It's pretty simple really. Kimchi Rice is a type of food in Korea and it will fill your stomach more. You may notice that I added sesame oil. It's because Korean food usually have it and I'm using it freestyle. I also didn't put any more ingredients because I was so hungry and I gave up on researching and ransacking my fridge plus all the cutting and stuff. Besides, it has kimchi and rice so I called it Kimchi Rice! I did not consult any Korean recipes.

You need the following:
a skillet or pan
spoon (to mix the rice) and thong (to flip the kimchi easily)
a little olive oil or other oil
cooked rice
a little sesame oil (optional)

Heat the skillet. Put oil. Put the kimchi (cook both sides until it changes color - you'll see it dries up a bit but don't worry it tastes great just don't burn it). Put the rice and sesame oil. Mix well. The rice will turn orangey-red and will be oily if you put too much oil! Turn off the heat. If the spiciness does not come off, prepare more plain rice to balance it.

Add a fried sunny side up egg on top. My Kimchi Rice is best paired with this.

I am not a cooking expert but this is a kanin-and-ulam in one and is easy to do for a super hungry stomach. Kimchi is supposed to have a strong flavor already and it doesn't need any more condiments. I just enhanced the flavors by cooking it. Have any suggestions to improve my Kimchi Rice? Just leave me a comment below.

P.S. I lost my Kimchi Rice picture. The one here is a real Kimchi Rice I ate in my Beijing travel.

Here's the link to that post:

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  1. marunong ka na pala magluto ngayon!!! SAMPLE!!!


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