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Friday, October 15, 2010

Saving Tip # 2 - Buy Things Strategically During a Sale

Don't have the patience or the time or the stomach to rummage all the sale items in the pile in A store? Multiply that with a few more stores plus the crowd will leave you wishing that you shouldn't have come in the first place (especially when you can't seem to find anything to buy).

Saving Tip # 2: If you can't fight the urge not to buy, then do not torture yourself. Save yourself, however, from the headache, the regret and any ill-feelings by thinking of a specific article of clothing the night before. Start with "I need a top for my gimik next Saturday... then to I need a sleeveless top for my gimik next Saturday... and narrow it down further to I need a white sleeveless top for my gimik next Saturday and so on. This will help qualify your search in every pile that you find per store and it will feel like a treasure hunt for that best white sleeveless top (thus it will be more fun and not irritating). Ignore anything that is not a top, not white and is not sleeveless. If you don't find it, maybe it's not meant to be? You'll forget about it unless you really really need it.

Boy-Kuripot just came up with a listing for this payday weekend. Here's a chance to practice:

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