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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saving Tip # 4 - Traveling and Looking To Buy Souvenirs?

Do we always have to buy tokens for our trips? I hope I'm not alone with this mindset (I grew up in this culture of mandatory pasalubongs and souvenirs). I have just stopped buying souvenirs that I just pick out of a store and have no real value to me when I go home. I am not encouraging others not to buy but do not just buy for the sake of not losing face. I am saying that if you aren't a collector, then stop yourself from buying things in your trips that will only be forgotten once you get home. I am saying that if you can't find a gift to take home or if you don't have time to buy then don't buy anything. Save that little money for your next trip and most importantly, save your memories.

Saving Tip # 4 - Cherish the memories and invest in keeping them alive through more practical means. I found that my travel pictures are just half the story while the souvenirs I have picked up over the years just remind me that I've been to that place before. I have my Travel Blog now and there I hope to keep my pictures, memories, important details and other learnings I want to keep for myself and for the whole world.

This is another reminder for myself that if ever I bring home a souvenir from one of my trips, it would have to something of real value like this: The Other Side of the Coin or food that I, at least, would want to eat (or they would end up in the food cabinets again, go bad or just left there to expire).

Here's the link to my guiltless getaways:

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