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Friday, November 26, 2010

Be a High Flyer and Win a Trip Singapore or Boracay! - Ends 2/28/11

It is time to share my thoughts and advocate something of real value to our society. I didn't know about people who care, PMAP (People Management Association of the Philippines) in this instance, until they reached out and introduced the High Flyer Campaign.

Do you have what it takes to be a High Flyer? Are you a parent? Encourage your sons and daughters to be High Flyers. What is a High Flyer? Click here.

You might just win an all-expense paid trip to Singapore or Boracay courtesy of SEAIR! There are consolation prizes too!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway: Meyerf Travel Pack Winners

The long wait is over, here is the Girl-Kuripot list for the


Win a 4D3N Stay with Airfare in Royal Plaza Singapore! - Ends 1/31/11

Prepare yourselves for the most influential fan of Royal Plaza Singapore! - Me! I say Girl-Kuripot!

I want SINGAPORE and I want the PRIZE!

The flight is for 2 persons. The room is for 2 persons.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Win 30 Trips in 30 Days with Intrepid Travel!

Intrepid is giving away 30 Trips in 30 days!

Camp at a cowboy ranch... USA!
Learn to surf on a deserted beach... Australia!
Kayak on Milford Sound... New Zealand!
Stay in a village by the Nile... Egypt!
Trek the Sahara by camel... Morocco!
Come face to face with penguins... Antarctica!
Hike the Inca Trail... Peru!
Learn to tango in Buenos Aires... Argentina!
Go on an African safari... South Africa!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Win Whooga Ugg Boots!

What do you first think of when you hear "Ugg"? Mine was caveman during that first time I heard about this travel essential. I looked down on my happy friend's feet during that cold winter month in Beijing and I told myself that I had never seen such hideous and primitive-looking shoes in my life. The name they gave it made me laugh every time as I quickly formed an image that I was with women from the ice age. The fad, however, took the whole city by storm. Everywhere I looked, there were happy and satisfied Ugg Boot customers all around me. I managed to try it on one night and was surprised that I felt warm in an instant. I shrugged all the shivers away. At that time, I knew that a pair of cavewoman ugg boots was the key to end my winter blues. Plus, the higher the better. Slowly, I felt the urge to buy one and accepted my change of heart (that it wasn't as bad-looking as I thought).

Win Beauty Products from EarthlingGorgeous.Com Contest!

What would I get out of 50x fairer skin? No one knows for sure. It might be a shot to get noticed for my face instead of other unflattering parts. I might just be discovered and become an overnight star. I was thinking something in the likes of traveling and not bothering what I look like anymore because I know I look gorgeous and perfect already (even if I eat a lot in my travels). It might just give a little boost of confidence. How about a confident, pampered and perfect traveling star?

Like EarthlingGorgeous.Com, I guess I want to have 50x fairer skin too. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Picture! Picture! Panalo Ka Pinoy! from Unionbank

Ang Pinoy bow: napakagaling at kung saan-saan nakakarating. Kahit ako, pupunta ako kahit saan ko gusto dahil magaling din ako!

We all choose to travel or to go to a place because we all choose to travel to go to a place. No matter where we are, we are who we are. We have the power to create anything we want. Even if you're not a blogger and if you are far away, you can win this trip from Unionbank.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girl-Kuripot's List for Free Large Milk Teas in Bubble Tea - UPDATED & FINAL

Ready for Bubble Tea's opening in Greenhills?

Thank you all for participating in Girl-Kuripot Raffle Giveaway - Free Large Milk Teas from Bubble Tea Greenhills!

Bubble Tea and I were overwhelmed with the responses.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Free Guided Taipei Tours!

Planned that trip to Taipei yet? Guiltless is going to Taiwan! 

Did I catch your attention? Go book that flight!

Here's the next step: 10 Free Guided Tours in Taipei!

There's Something for Everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

WOW Amazing Asia Photo Contest!

Another great opportunity has come wrapped as a very attractive gift. It's the chance to find long-lost friends through the WOW Amazing Asia Photo Contest. I've been trying to reconnect with old friends through Facebook and other social sites but I haven't been successful for some because they don't live here in the Philippines. Through this contest, I found out about Koolred, a community about traveling. Hopefully, I can either win by finding my friends or winning the trip to Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia.

My Long-Lost Korean Friends and Jerry, Also My Long-Lost Indonesian Friend who took this picture
Traveling is also about meeting new friends, cherishing our moments together and keeping the connection alive. If you see them, tell them I said, "Hi!" 

Unfortunately, it wasn't accepted so I just submitted this:
Staring at everything is just one thing to do in Inner Mongolia, China.

Grand Fiesta Run 2010

Are you fond of races but you know you have a ZERO chance of winning anyway? Here's one alternative that will give you a chance to win a free trip to Singapore just by finishing the race.

As part of the Grand Fiesta Manila 2010, the Grand Fiesta Run will happen on November 28, 2010 at a new running location in Newport City.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Girl-Kuripot Raffle Giveaway - 100 Free Large Milk Teas from Bubble Tea Greenhills!

Thank you for supporting Girl-Kuripot's Giveaway! As some of you may know, my main blog is the travel blog Guiltless Getaways. Getaways can be short or long as long as you go somewhere that comforts you. You can make the most out of traveling, sometimes without spending much, but it requires effort and some luck. Here, you'll always find contests with travel-related prizes, good deals, my other interests and my stand in life. 

I am very happy to announce that I will be giving another freebie! Girl-Kuripot can be your gold ticket to that getaway somewhere in the metro!

Clue: It is still related to traveling because it's a foodie adventure to the newest place in town! It's the perfect giveaway for Girl-Kuripot. Most of all, there are 100 slots to give away so here's a chance to spend the day with your friends and family!

Joining the raffle giveaway won't take 5 minutes. If you still haven't joined the Meyerf Travel Pack giveaway (last day November 20, 2010!), click here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girl-Kuripot Raffle Giveaway - 10 Meyerf Travel Packs!

Thank you for supporting Girl-Kuripot! It's been up for almost 1 month now and as always, I just want to share my passion for joining contests and making the most of my life through my blogs. As some of you may know, my main blog is the travel blog Guiltless Getaways. You can make the most out of traveling, sometimes without spending much, but it requires effort and some luck. Here, you'll always find contests with travel-related prizes, good deals, my other interests and my stand in life. 

I am very happy that I will be the one giving the prize this time around! 

Clue: It is still related to traveling, practical and saves you money too! It's the perfect giveaway for Girl-Kuripot.

Joining the raffle won't take 5 minutes.

Join the Mini AXN Amazing Race Asia in SM North Edsa!

Have you read my Guiltless Getaways post on the 3 Ways to Participate In The Amazing Race? Think you can handle Number 3 or are you content with Number 2?

Here's a chance for you to prove it! There is a Mini AXN Amazing Race Asia on November 20, 2010! 

The Prize is $1000 and it is just a 1-day event!!!

I Want to Win a Winter Trip to Batanes from SEAIR!

My Guiltless Getaways Blog Entry for SEAIR's Contest

Is there such a thing as winter in the Philippines? They say Batanes has four seasons! I'd love to find out for myself and for everybody who is as curious as I am. Every year, we flock to other cooler international destinations to escape the Manila heat. Locals frequent Baguio because of the high altitude and cold weather. We also go to Tagaytay because of its proximity to Manila and the cold weather. I love cold weather escapes because you know you're not in Manila anymore. Sometimes, we just want to get away from it all and get a sense that we are on vacation. Why not go to Batanes?

Stay Discovering with Holiday Inn & Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia!

Keep on experiencing life guiltlessly and you're bound to see the beauty of everything around you.

Send your best "Stay Discovering" moment to the Holiday Inn Photo Competition and get a chance to win a trip to the Maldives and other hotel stays in Asia!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take Home ALL 8 Free Movie Passes to Festival Mall!

Want to go to Festival Mall? I just found a very, very good excuse.

The CanDIshhh Tales is giving away free movie passes for the blog's 5th anniversary! The winner takes ALL 8 movie passes!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KoreaTaste.Org Blog Contest!

I don't intend to win but I am qualified to join anyway since I am a member. Hurray for my first post as a KoreaTaste.Org blogger! Should I stress again that I love Korea and Korean food?! I love the Philippines too.

I write for the love of travel and food. Now you know why I've been busy. Don't join if it's not for the community. I will continue to write about Korean food even after this contest in

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