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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girl-Kuripot's List for Free Large Milk Teas in Bubble Tea - UPDATED & FINAL

Ready for Bubble Tea's opening in Greenhills?

Thank you all for participating in Girl-Kuripot Raffle Giveaway - Free Large Milk Teas from Bubble Tea Greenhills!

Bubble Tea and I were overwhelmed with the responses.

Everyone in the list below gets a Free Large Milk Tea from Bubble Tea! Those who promoted Bubble Tea were also considered. Please read the mechanics carefully next time.

As you can see, we did not fill up all 25 slots per batch. For those whose names do not appear below, I have a question for you. How bad do you want that Bubble Tea? *Wink*. Leave me a comment below. Tip: Read the mechanics carefully in the original giveaway post. Invite your other friends too. There is strength in numbers. Maybe we can work something out before Bubble Tea officially opens at 11AM tomorrow. Don't forget to leave me your details in this entry form!

Reminders on Claiming
  1. Bring a valid ID (must be the same name as listed below)!
  2. Go to Bubble Tea Greenhills according to your Batch Date & Time and claim your Free Large Milk Tea! 
  3. Look for Bubble Tea Staff Gale or Jelyn, mention Girl-Kuripot and present your valid ID.
  4. Bubble Tea Staff will look for your name in the Girl-Kuripot's list.
  5. Choose from Bubble Tea's flavors of Milk Tea.
  6. Wait for your freshly brewed Bubble Tea Milk Tea of Choice.
  7. Enjoy Bubble Tea Greenhills opening with your family and friends!
Here is the final list:

Batch 1 - November 12 (11AM-5PM)

Peachy V. Adarne
Jayson Biadog
Agnes Espino
Kurt Christian Gan
Stacy Lyn Y. Liong
Melanie B. Magno
Iris Camille Mejia
Francis Jezza Orozco
Jovil V. Orozco
Brian Anthony Lei Uy
Jenny Lei Uy
Vincent Uy

Batch 2 - November 12 (6PM-1AM)

Luningning Arabiran
Mitchell Borbon
Geonabeth L. Cadungog
Jewelyn Catingub
Stonibert Lim
Karen Malvar
Veronica Therese Mandigma
Erickson Martin
Rolly P. Nunez
May Ann Saturno
Brian Victor S. Vargas
Hilda H. Villuga

Batch 3 - November 13 (11AM-5PM)

Jonalyn D. Alforque
Helen Blas
Aziel Anne Chua
Marlon Gutierrez Eguerra
Leslie Kinaadman
Lilly Dee Lei
Maricar Losantas
Michelle Gem M. MaƱalac
Maria Fatima Maniago
Jose Lorenzo Manongsong
Wendell Padilla II
Kenneth San Gabriel
Susan Siajuag
Fatima Carla Sison
Fatima Regine Sison
Giselle Ngo Tan
Jonel Uy
Renato Co Uy
Added: Edmundo Ramos

Changed: Evelyn A. Sarte
Changed: Robert A. Sarte Jr.

Batch 4 - November 13 (6PM-1AM)

Resly George Amador
Jesmar Bautista
Marcelino F. Carpio
Jocelyn C. Chua
Mary Joyce Hao
Lorie Anne Padilla
Lorinda Padilla
Jaaziel D. Pasag
Ana Ma. Karmela S. Sicangco
Ma. Delilah S. Sicangco
Katrina S. Sicangco-Carpio
Colwin Tanhehco
Audrienne Young
Erica Yu-Bonfacio
Added: Gail Christiane Te
Added: Janese Halabaso
Added: Latrell Joseph Halabaso
Added: Zeus Emmanuel Halabaso

Added : Mark Anthony King
Added : Anne Kathryne King


  1. How bad do you want that Bubble Tea?

    I wanna try Milk Tea from Bubble Tea because my Sweetie won a Free Large Milk Tea and she wants me to go with her in the store. I wanna try also some food offer by the store :)

  2. thanks Mel! hope to see you soon (",)

  3. open your facebook message edmundo!

  4. How bad do yan want that Bubble Tea?

    Hi! I've been a bubble tea addict since it opened here in t. Morato
    Since it's going to be our monthsary maybe a date in bubble tea in greenhills is a best way to celebrate it. After all it's been a long time since we had a date after giving birth.:)

  5. How bad do you want that Bubble Tea?
    I'm the hubby of Anne King. She convinced me to write a comment. Since it's really been a long time that we went out just the 2 of us. This will be a best time to spend time just the 2 of us together with our fave drink.

  6. How bad do I want that Bubble Tea?

    1. I'm so stressed with school work I think I deserve a bubble tea get away.

    2. I want to eat some bubbling japanese food I think it's better paired with a bubbling tea.

    3. daisuki da yo Strawberry Bubble Tea ! (means I like you a whole lot Stawberry Milk tea from Bubble tea, Restaurant Manila!)

    4. BBT dishes are Oishii (delicious)thinking about it makes me hungry... :P

    FB Name: Geonabeth Cadungog

    One large Strawberry Milk Tea! Please!

  7. go anne!ang galing mo!turo mo kay mark ang secret! just follow my email.

  8. geonabeth gusto mo pa ng isa?haha. nasa batch 2 ka na.invite ka para dalawa kayo meron!

  9. how bad ?
    1.) of course i wont miss the grand opening of bubble tea restaurant for anything's the grand opening ,i , of course want to be among the first set of customers to grace that grand event.

    2.) My child is addicted to it that he wont taste any tea drink other than the distinct taste bubble tea has to offer.

    3.) and as stressed that I am ..i truly deserved to be pampered and relaxed by having a shot of the other bubble tea flavors it has to offer!!!!

    any ways can u give my bubble tea drink "addict" son a shot also? He's gonna die of envy if he's gonna just sit there " salivating" with me while gobble-down my awesome Bubble Tea drink????please? my son's name is latrell joseph halabaso

    my name's janese halabaso
    cp#: 09224506847

  10. hi janese! open your email!

    guys, don't forget to bring a camera for that Pichur! Pichur! contest!

  11. Thank you very much Mel. But can I have another one for Kenshin Lei? The cousins will be together after school and it will be a pity if only Kenshin won't have a bubble tea.

    Please Please Please can I have one more bubble tea for Kenshin Lei? Friday 11 am to 5pm?

    Jenny Uy

  12. thanks..
    -Jaaziel Pasag

  13. haha.jenny the more the merrier! open your email now!

  14. Hi! I would like to ask if pwedeng magpachange ng date and time.. Nakaschedule ako ng Nov12, 6PM to 1AM.. Kung pwede po, sa November 13 (11AM-5PM) nlng po. :) May classes po kasi ako eh. And my mom, Evelyn A. Sarte! :) Thank you! :)

    - Robert A. Sarte Jr. (Nov12, 6PM to 1AM)

  15. thnx a whole lot....we'll definitely take our "pichur, pichur"!!!

  16. hi po there was an error with my son's spelling----it's zeus emmanuel halabaso..thnx i hope itll be corrected

  17. hi robert, janese.changes accomodated.

  18. hi guys the list is closed.

    enjoy bubble tea later!

  19. YEY!!! Thank's sooo much!!! Finally going to have my large bubble tea drink.. :)

  20. hi po.. pwede po ba ako change ng sched? nov. 13 11 am to 5 pm orig sched ko.. can I go there mga 6 pm to 1 am.. thanks po..
    jona alforque

  21. pwede rin po pachange sched from batch 1 to Batch 4 - November 13 (6PM-1AM)?

  22. di ako nakapunta today ;( inaantay ko kasi ung isa pang coupon from deal wala pa...-jewel

  23. hi guys sorry i was m.i.a. for most part of yesterday.i will be missing again until around tuesday. the list is closed for any changes. i have already submitted the list. go to bubble tea na lang if u want. i'm not guaranteeing anything though.

  24. Thanks Mel, I got my Strawberry Milk Shake na!!! yummy yum yum!!

  25. waaaahhh.... got sore eyes on that day. so didnt get it. waaaaaaaaaaa


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