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Monday, November 22, 2010

Win Whooga Ugg Boots!

What do you first think of when you hear "Ugg"? Mine was caveman during that first time I heard about this travel essential. I looked down on my happy friend's feet during that cold winter month in Beijing and I told myself that I had never seen such hideous and primitive-looking shoes in my life. The name they gave it made me laugh every time as I quickly formed an image that I was with women from the ice age. The fad, however, took the whole city by storm. Everywhere I looked, there were happy and satisfied Ugg Boot customers all around me. I managed to try it on one night and was surprised that I felt warm in an instant. I shrugged all the shivers away. At that time, I knew that a pair of cavewoman ugg boots was the key to end my winter blues. Plus, the higher the better. Slowly, I felt the urge to buy one and accepted my change of heart (that it wasn't as bad-looking as I thought).

Too bad I waited until the winter season almost ended to try the ugg boots on. I was back in Manila in no time where there is no use for one anymore. That is, until I went traveling again... It's better than putting on three pairs of socks and walking on battered rubber shoes in winter or super-cold countries. Now, I think it looks cool to be in fashion with an old fashion icon (my idea of a caveman). I want to carry one or two or more in my Guiltless Getaways travels. If you could protect your feet and not be cold while traveling, you will have more time to appreciate what you have and everything around you.

This is why I jumped on this chance. Whooga UK is giving away a pair of free Whooga Ugg Boots every month for subscribing to their newsletter! The draw is open to all countries.

Click here to subscribe.

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