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Friday, December 31, 2010

Get a Limited Edition Swirl Card from CBTL, Win a Sony Vaio!

I was always content with my Coffee Bean Hot Vanilla. It's like sipping special sweet milk on a cold day or a cold CBTL store. I was never a fan of the Coffee Shops during my college years and I am only beginning to enjoy working and eating in a coffee shop while time slips away. I'm also a fan of the CBTL Spicy Tuna Linguini. I recently bought a Swirl Card for my WIFI use (need to spend at least P45) at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and I chanced upon the Limited Edition Blue Swirl Rewards Card and the Sony Vaio promotion.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saving Tip # 7 - Use Your Credit Card to Do What You Want

I love my Allied Bank Mabuhay Miles MasterCard. It's the coolest way to spend my money. What's the secret to saving money in spending money? It's not only the miles. It's not using your credit card as a credit card but as a debit card. I need to condition myself to spend only what I have and if I have both the cash and the credit card, I choose to pay via credit card and separate the cash already in my wallet. The Ultimate Reward - Miles to Everywhere in the World and a chance to practice holding that cash until I clear it with the bank.

Saving Tip # 6 - Take a Hint, Start ANew - Year 2011

I know the banks may already be closed for the holidays and this post came a little too late. I cleared all my outstanding accounts today in preparation for the New Year. I feel so light and I am looking forward to my next credit card statement indicating a P 0.00 balance there. The key to getting that zero credit card balance is not adding any more expenses to the record or if you really have to spend, pay that debt and your accountabilities before that billing man arrives.

Saving Tip # 5 - Buy Gifts for No Occasion

I waited until Christmas to open my gifts. I obviously love receiving gifts. I don't share the same views as to giving them though. I don't force myself to conform with the Holiday Rush (as well as the Pasalubong Rush, see my Saving Tip # 4 in this link). I prefer to give gifts-for-no-occasion than gifts-for-an-occasion.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Win 1 Year Worth of Tickets to Asia! - Ends 12/30/10

If you've travelled to the following areas, you have a chance to be a SilkAir Explorer.

China - Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Shenzhen, Xiamen
India - Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Trivandrum
Indochina (examples Vietnam &amp; Cambodia) - Da Nang, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
Indonesia - Balikpapan, Lombok, Manado, Medan/Palembang, Solo, Surabaya
Malaysia - Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu
Myanmar - Yangon
Nepal - Kathmandu
Philippines - Cebu, Davao
Singapore - Singapore
Thailand - Chiang Mai, Phuket

A 1-Year Supply of Airline Tickets enough for sharing your story/ies? They will choose 1 December winner aside from the Grand Prize.

Another RDAsia Contest! - Ends 1/7/11

Have you joined the 2 remaining Reader's Digest Asia contests yet? 
If not, here are the links:

Contest 3 Clue: They say laughter is the best medicine.

I Want a Quirks Travel Luggage Scale! - Ends 12/29/10

The Diplomatic Wife is giving away Quirks items for its Philippine readers.

Here are my top picks for my traveling from QuirksPh.Com!

As a travel blogger, I found the following items useful from – the Travel Luggage Scale and the Save Money Box. I wish I could have them under my post-Christmas tree this year… Total: less than 1500 for both practical things!

Win a 5N Stay to 2 Preferred Hotels in Singapore! - Ends 1/31/10

For those who haven't read my latest post about DestinAsian Magazine contest, click here.

As some of you may have noticed, there is another competition if you grab a DestinAsian December 2010/January 2011 issue.

Win a 4N Stay in Thailand! - Ends 12/30/10

Here's a chance to win a 4-night suite stay in Phuket!

This is a competition by DestinAsian Travel Magazine. I got my latest copy from my Hong Kong flight! Watch out for my Hong Kong post at

Say Viva Elvis and Viva Las Vegas with Sony Asia Contest - Ends 1/8/11

Here's your chance to watch Viva Elvis in Las Vegas.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Rocky Relationship - Ends 12/28/10

I have decided to share my rocky relationship just to join this contest and Steal These CamSafe Anti-Theft Bags from Pixel Pro Camera Stores. Vince is giving away a bag worth P6000 and another one worth P4000.


Back to my story - Well, HE (clue: he's the boy) just gave me a Lumix GF1 as an advanced Christmas gift and I was still deciding a few days before Christmas if I would give it back to HIM.

Win Tickets for 2 to Europe! - Ends 1/31/11

Have you decided on your European Dream yet? Here's mine.

Eat Your Way to Italy Without an Itinerary

My plan is to take in the sights and flavors of Italy without an itinerary. All I need are maps and a plane ticket. To be lost is an adventure in itself. To meet new people is always an experience to remember.  

I learned something from the KLM ad they kept on playing during my 5-day Movie Marathon during the CineEuropa Festival ( 

That sometimes, it's not just all about the destination, it's the journey on how you get there that matters (even just by dreaming about it, maybe the universe will conspire to make it happen if it sees your effort and desire).

Friday, December 24, 2010

Win a 4D3N Stay with TimeOut KL! - Ends 12/31/10

There's an online contest going on and all you have to do is answer 4 multiple choice questions.

The Prize: A 4D3N Stay for 2 in a Deluxe Suite at the Amora Jamison Sydney.

My Christmas Photo Contest - Ends 12/31/10

Make the most of this holiday by taking memorable pictures! What's your My Christmas Photo?

Girl-Kuripot Email Subscriber Giveaway Winner!

Here's the winner for another successful round of Girl-Kuripot's Giveaways!

Prize: P1000 worth of Winila Credits for you! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Enter to Win A Pair of Gorgeous Arm OR Leg Warmers of your Choice - Ends 12/24/10

Hanna of Bouffe E Bambini is giving away a pair of cool knitted Delirium Kredens Warmers this December and it's coming all the way from Poland! 

Isn't it just PERFECT for traveling and just plain fashion?! Wear it whenever you want to. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Win SEAIR Tickets in IvanAboutTown! - Ends 1/31/11

Learn more about Medical Tourism in IvanAboutTown.

Ivan Henares and SEAIR are giving away a total of 2 roundtrip tickets to Boracay and 2 roundtrip tickets to Batanes in time for summer next year! 

Join & Win DeathByPlatforms' Christmas Give-Away! - Ends 12/20/10

Join DeathByPlatforms' Christmas Give-Away and be in killer shoes by the Year 2011!

I want a pair of tan Brandy Clogs from the Gold Dot December Collection! I've been looking for these abroad since last month!

What's Cooking This Christmas? - Ends 12/24/10

Christmas is just a few days away so I thought I would post this cool giveaway from GastroChef for your kitchen needs.

It's called the Gastro Chef Christmas Calendar.

Win GCs from Byahilo! - Ends 12/24/10

Want an extension of food overload after the Christmas and New Year celebrations? Byahilo is holding a contest until December 24, 2010!

So many food GCs up for grabs for ONE WINNER!!!

Win a 3D2N Stay for 2 in Shanghai! - Ends 12/26/10

Reader's Digest Asia is having a holiday contest.

The Prize: A 3D2N Stay for 2 in Shanghai!

To win this luxurious hotel stay is enough savings when traveling abroad. Like it or not, the accommodations do take up a big chunk of your spending for travel, especially when you want comfort partnered with your trip. If I can win it, then I will only answer, "Why not?" 

Vote & Win a 5D4N Stay for 2! - Ends 12/31/10

Vote for the best products in makeup, skincare, haircare and perfumes for the 2011 Her World Beauty Awards.

Get a chance to win a 5D4N Stay with breakfast for 2 in a Thailand villa!

Win Singapore Vouchers & Universal Studios Gift Passes - Ends 1/31/11

Share this news with 3 of your friends.

Send Your Best Macro Shots & Win a Ricoh CX4! - Ends 1/12/11

What does Asia mean to you? Show them our beautiful country!

Tell it to Reader's Digest Asia with a picture and get a chance to win a Ricoh CX4 camera and be published in their March 2011 issue! 

This is a winning photo from the Philippines.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Promote the Philippines and Flaunt Your Trip! - Ends 1/5/11

I want to help promote the Philippines! You can, too! Flaunt your hometown or your discoveries. The more they don't know about it, the better!

They're going to reward you with an Ipod Touch or an Ipod Shuffle.

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway - Shake N Go Bring a Friend Winners!

Here are the winners for another successful round of Girl-Kuripot's Giveaways!

Prizes: Shake N Go and Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar Passes for you and a friend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Be a Lucky Voter and Win 2 Complimentary Nights in Oakwood Asia Pacific - Ends 12/31/10

Sure, your pictures didn't make it to the Trust is... Photography Competition. Good things don't stop there. Here's another chance to win that Complimentary Stay in Oakwood Asia Pacific.

One winner will be chosen every week for 6 weeks!

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway - Shake N Go Bring a Friend Giveaway! Revised Mechanics - Ends 12/10/10

Craving for something new? How about a taste of "Super Green Living"? If you could have a healthy dessert in every scoop, wouldn't you give it a try? 

It's Girl-Kuripot's 2nd month anniversary! Here's my latest find for the Girl-Kuripot's Giveaway! You can only enjoy this treat at a limited time this December!

Prepare your sweet tooth and go Mango-LOCO over Shake N Go. Choose from Mango-Lychee, Mango-Strawberry, Mango-Coconut and Mango-Mango! Your Shake N Go cup will be topped with jellies, fruits and tapioca pearls. Prepare for that bursting flavor in your mouth.

5 winners each get to bring a friend to the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar for FREE and enjoy their Shake N Go on the house!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway - P1000 Winila Credits Giveaway to a Girl-Kuripot Email Subscriber! - Ends 12/23/10

There is a another form of buying online today and it is done auction-style via

Here's your chance to win P1000 worth of Winila Credits in Girl-Kuripot!

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