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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Rocky Relationship - Ends 12/28/10

I have decided to share my rocky relationship just to join this contest and Steal These CamSafe Anti-Theft Bags from Pixel Pro Camera Stores. Vince is giving away a bag worth P6000 and another one worth P4000.


Back to my story - Well, HE (clue: he's the boy) just gave me a Lumix GF1 as an advanced Christmas gift and I was still deciding a few days before Christmas if I would give it back to HIM.

I had to accept the gift. HE said, just like the others, that it is a prerequisite that a travel blogger should have not only nice, but pro-like quality, pictures along with their travel stories. With that said, I am supposed to have the best camera, selected by HIM and fitted by HIM to my style and skills (like the way they select wands at Ollivander's Wand Shop in Harry Potter). I went along with his line of thinking and started saying that this Lumix GF1 was a very nice camera for me, small, compact and functions like an SLR or DSLR (or something like that), even though in my mind I thought that my old Sony camera has been with me for years and it takes cooler pictures than normal point-and-shoot cameras in the market today. 

I was busy and so was HE to try it out for the 7-day warranty but I had to use it since it was MINE. I did take it to our Subic trip the next day, started reading the manual in the car and things just went wrong from that point on. HE was beside me day and night talking about aperture, shutter speed, auto-focus, manual-focus, scene selection, blah blah like a pesky bee buzzing non-stop. Patient as I was, it didn't take me long to start feeling frustrated, inept and hopeless to be a good travel blogger and photographer. Plus, it also didn't take me long to think that the Lumix GF1 was HIS dream camera and not mine. I was merely the unlucky one that has to be HIS tester-for-all-time because HE was busy (well, I was also busy but I left all my stuff for this and I get blamed for not willing to try on new stuff and all). 

To make the long story short, I fought with HIM and resisted to try on this Lumix from the start of December until Christmas eve. I loved my camera because HE gave it to me but I hated my camera because it was not only a puzzle but it was really impossible to get it! It was giving me a hard time and putting a strain on everything I did. The only thing that kept me going and resisting the urge to just throw my Lumix was that it was HIS "gift". I decided to give it back since HE blatantly refused to accept mine in the first place declaring that HE still has his old one anyway. I took back my gift and gave HIM back the Lumix GF1 for the same reason. I still have my old Sony Camera and I don't need a new one.

Little did I realize that I had already fell in love with my Lumix GF1 in all its complexities. A few hours after I had packed up the Lumix box and all, I realized that it wasn't giving me a hard time but it was I who blamed an inanimate object for not allowing myself to grow and to have a rare experience already in front of me. I have always loved taking pictures, capturing photos using my gut and I have never forgotten about my first Snoopy camera that I received as a gift when I was young. A feeling of unease constantly nudged me to take back my words, that I want my Lumix again and I want to learn about aperture, film speed, exposure, etc. etc. It was a good thing that HE asked me to "safe-keep" the camera for a few weeks. HE knew it all along and I will always be grateful for HIS support and love. All of the things I thought about HIM were just a part of my used-to-be horrible story.

We talked about things and I started bringing my Lumix to the next few family gatherings and Christmas and post-Christmas food extravaganza. The rocky relationship is still there but if there's anything I learned, it's that I can surpass it even if it takes days, months or a new year. The journey makes things more special. It makes sense to carry my Lumix GF1 in my travels already. Now, I'm prepared to dress up and care for my Lumix GF1 even if it takes declaring the bad experiences out loud and sharing my shortcomings as a blogger and as a human being.

Here's what it takes to win the 2 camera bags (taken from Vince's post): 

1. Write a blog post about your relationship with your camera (be creative with this).
2. Include links to and to this blog post.
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Here's the original link: and Pixel Pro camera stores are giving away CamSafe Anti-Theft bags and over P130,000.00 of other cash and prizes with their Picture Perfect Christmas contest! Find out how you can win here –

Winners will be announced on December 28, 2010!

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