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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saving Tip # 6 - Take a Hint, Start ANew - Year 2011

I know the banks may already be closed for the holidays and this post came a little too late. I cleared all my outstanding accounts today in preparation for the New Year. I feel so light and I am looking forward to my next credit card statement indicating a P 0.00 balance there. The key to getting that zero credit card balance is not adding any more expenses to the record or if you really have to spend, pay that debt and your accountabilities before that billing man arrives.

Saving Tip # 6 - Take control of your finances. Kick those debts (even those that are not yet due) away from you. I forgot how it felt to receive a P 0.00 balance every time my credit card statement arrives. I am reviving it with this post. If you choose to follow my tip, call your bank to ask if they are open tomorrow and clean out your debts. If they're not, know that your bank has hotlines or online facilities that can help you double-check your outstanding purchases even before your statement arrives. Set aside that chunk of your money and spend only the cash on hand that is left. This way, you spend only what you have and not over.

My Loyalties - Read more about my loyalties in this link:
Allied Bank - 818-9818 (hit 0 after the 2nd or 3rd "press this" speech to talk straight to the operator)
Note: You can use RCBC Online to pay Allied Bank Credit Cards.
BPI - 89-100

The Strategy: I limit myself to 2 choices for my credit card purchases. Paying after the statement arrives and rushing before the deadline is not included.
1. Pay my purchases all the time (while beating that billing deadline). Sometimes, I make it harder for myself by paying the next day every time I purchase. It's natural to ask myself if I want that burden.
2. If I don't want to, not purchasing at all (savings for you) comes up as a very viable option.

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