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Monday, January 10, 2011

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway - Want Some Free Minute Maid Pulpy Drink Plus Coke Product Recipes from Girl-Kuripot?

I've been drinking Minute Maid long before it was available here in the Philippines. At that time, the nearest store to get my Minute Maid was a local Beijing supermarket. At my first gulp from that small bottle, I thought - "So, this is how Minute Maid tastes and feels like (pulpy was very foreign to me). I'd get a big one for the week when I go back to the supermarket."

I first heard of Minute Maid (way back in the 90s) when I found a cookbook entitled Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola in our house (I think my dad bought it. Won't you? Well, it sounded cool and the title stood out.). I picked it up from the shelf and thought it was cool to learn how to cook with Coke and Sprite (my favorite) aside from the usual shrimp marinated in Sprite (it tastes sweeter when cooked) that we always do. One of the things in the book that was not possible in our part of the world at that time was those recipes with Minute Maid in them (I'm sure orange juice would do but it won't turn out exactly like it was supposed to like in the book). I could barely cook at that time (I was below 15) so I just said I'll try some of the recipes when I'm old enough and when I have access to Minute Maid. Minute Maid came just a few years ago in the Philippines and that was a long wait (10 years? I had thought in Beijing that if only had money and bring Minute Maid to the Philippines, it would be an instant hit and I would get rich for that at the age of 20).

Girl-Kuripot is Cooking Up a Storm so Watch Out for More!

Well, I just found that book again. It was the largest collection of Coca-Cola recipes ever written (in 1994) and majority of the ingredients are simple and available in the market. It was written by Elizabeth Candler Graham (the great-great granddaughter of the the founder of Coca-Cola, Asa Griggs Candler) and Ralph Roberts. Want to find out the Candler secret recipes, the Coca-Cola Story and how this pop culture icon evolved into our tables (eventually into Western food)? It's all discussed in Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola. It is THE Real Thing (although it was written outside of the Coca-Cola Company)! There's actually a tip at the back of the book that recommends giving your car a Coke for clean windows (context: when "you are driving through pouring rain and have trouble seeing through the build up of road film on your windshield")!

On drinking and using Coke as a food ingredient: Read the text in this picture closely.

I'm not sure if you can find Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola here in the Philippines or if they still print new ones but you can get it at this link for a cheaper price. You can buy the 1998 version at this link. I actually wanted to include some recipes in the book during one of my Friday Munch posts, what do you think (comment below for your feedback)? Coke products are a staple in Filipino houses, right? Most of the recipes here call for Coke, Sprite and Minute Maid. I'm sure I'll find something in the book and learn how to cook better in the process (like The Julie/Julia Project). I figured having an expert by my side (a member of the Coca-Cola first family) might make you try my Friday Munch Posts and might make it more regular (you'll find it in Girl-Kuripot archives now). Friday Munch Posts are all about mixing ingredients that I happen to have in my house (so I won't have to spend more and get dressed to buy stuff outside for that lazy day).

Anyway, I also wanted to tell you more about Minute Maid in this post. I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Some would say, "Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible?" So I thought maybe... I could do a better job of convincing you by giving you a month's supply of Minute Maid Pulpy!

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added.  So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED!  That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens!  Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... think you'll need more than a month's supply after you get that prize from me!

So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. That’s really good, right?  Not just because it doesn’t have those icky, harmful ingredients, but it also means... it is okay to be addicted to it and crave it every once in a while. Maybe you can have family dinners using Minute Maid ingredients and they would want to find out what secret ingredient you used. You can brag about the "No Preservatives" part in the food they're eating, too.

So far anyone who still has a hard time believing that Minute Maid has got no preservatives added - meaning it's THAT natural, it's almost like it's plucked straight from the tree, it's just as Mother Nature wanted your orange juice to be, it's got nothing but the good stuff yes, none of those potentially toxic stuff that can harm your brain, kidneys, heart; cause tumors aargh - the list of preservatives' bad effects just go on!!! Anyway, just to prove a point on just how good Minute Maid Pulpy is 'cause it's got NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED, I'm gonna drink no matter how many Minute Maid Pulpys you want me to (and probably incorporate it in my fitness regimen) until you believe me!

Feels good to know about the real pulpy deal, right? C’mon show me a smile on the comment box, and you might win yourself a Really Pulpy Deal! (That’s a chance to win a Minute Maid gift pack simply by commenting. Sweet! C'mon you just might be picked as the lucky 'commentor'!)


To my Dear Readers, 

Help me win. If I win, I'll pick the winner from those email subscribers who comment with their full names and email below. Subscribe to Girl Kuripot by Email by clicking this link. Treat this as one of my giveaways for January! If I don't win and I receive a lot of feedback on the recipes, you'll all at least get that as the giveaway! Do you want the prize or the recipes to be featured in my Friday Munch Posts (is one enough as a trial or something like The Julie/Julia project for Girl-Kuripot)? I can handle both requests! I'd love to hear from you and I want my readers to be a part of the success of Girl-Kuripot's makeover for 2011. There is surely more to come in Girl-Kuripot for the next few months!

The deadline for the commenting will be soon so post them now to be sure! Don't forget to Like Minute Maid!

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Cheers! Let's start a new (old) way to enjoy our food/drink!

Got a blog? Pulp up your blog with the Minute Maid Blog Contest! Click here for the link to the Pulpy Generator! Your blogs (posts must be dated January 10, 2011) must be pulped up until January 31, 2011. Don't forget to put your post URL on their wall (you have until January 10, 2011 to qualify!). The contest is open to residents of the Philippines.

Prizes for the Pulp Up Your Blog Contest:
Grand Prize - P20,000
2nd Prize - P10,000
3rd Prize - P5,000
Comments Winner - 1 month supply of Minute Maid for you (in 330mL bottles so you'll have more)!

*Contest is closed, Guys! We did not win. Thank you so much for your support! Stay tuned for more giveaways!


  1. HOOT!

    I love Minute Maid!

    Oh, good luck!!

    Colwin Tanhehco

    Am I the 1st to comment? :P JK.

  2. Mary Jane De GuzmanJanuary 10, 2011 at 7:42 PM

    Whew! Good Luck Girl!

    Keep Pulping!

    Mary Jane De Guzman

  3. Hi Colwin! Yey YOU are the 1st one (I'm the 3rd haha)! Hi Mary Jane!

    Thank you for the support! Any feedback on the Coke Recipe part? Help me make up my mind=)

  4. goodluck po.. sana manalo ka:)

    charmaigne grace c. gepana

  5. Goodluck! I so love the real orange goodness in Minute Maid Pulpy orange! So refreshing healthy drink for everyone!

    Feigh Maniago

  6. I love Minute Maid! You go, girl! We're rooting for you. :)

  7. Goodluck! Goodluck, I hope you win the contest!!!!

    Maly Naine Manligas

  8. You can do it! Major-major goodness in every Minute Maid bottle. :)

    Karen Malvar

  9. goodluck=)

    Ma. Bernadette Villarin

  10. You had me at free. :D We'll both drink to convincing others about the "No Preservatives Added" stuff.

    I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. Aside from marinades, 'tis the first I heard about making use of Coke in the recipes. So go, go, go!

    Rodchelle Babate

  11. Wow!Just when I thought Coke is best alone as a beverage, here you are, showing us Coke recipes. Innovative! And as for Minute Maid, it's the best ready-to-drink orange juice in the Philippines!"It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED"... no wonder I can gulp a liter of this in one sitting without even choking hehe (well in reality, maybe at least half of it hehe).You go girl! I really hope you win this contest! =)

  12. i like minute maid healthy drink..

    Jayson Biadog

  13. I love Minute Maid.. It's not cloyingly sweet and has a lot of pulp bits.. love it when it's really cold! so refreshing..

    jona alforque

  14. super old na pala ang minute maid. mga 90s pa pala! thanks for the info and it's one great trivia! ;)

    tagal din na.introduce ng minute maid dito sa ph. tsk tsk... and I hope fastfoods here would consider having this aside from the usual iced tea. like mcdo in japan, orange juice nila is minute maid talaga! minute maid is successfully keeping up the pace with the gazillions of tea drinks there.

    anyway, good luck! ;)

    thanks as always to minute maid. ^^

  15. I love Minute Maid! Not only does it taste heavenly, it also makes me healthy.

  16. Good luck!

    Joyce Zabala

  17. The minute Minute Maid was introduced in ph market I already fall for it's real pulpy goodness! And knowing that it has no preservatives added, it was such a relief that I can drink all I want with Minute maid pulpy orange without guilt!
    Best of luck!

  18. I love Minute Maid, too! I actually have 2 bottles in our refrigerator right now. I would love to win a month's supply of this healthy drink.

    Vivian Aguilar

  19. Minute Maid Pulpy Orange is an absolute fresh idea to start the year.. specially coming from a food trip holidays.

    after office runs and minute maid to refresh my body after a tiring work out really is a start of a good habit.


  20. My Family loves to drink Minute Maid because of the Natural Orange Pulpbits and has no preservatives

    Marlon Esguerra

  21. Melanie Berte MagnoJanuary 19, 2011 at 3:28 PM

    Wow! I love Minute Maid too! :)

    Melanie Berte Magno

  22. What a refreshing blog!!A really 'NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED!!" love minute maid...

    Good luck Girl!!!Go Go Go Girl Power!!!

  23. I've first known Minute Maid in South Korea, I didn't even know na we have it here in the Philippines until my Nanay bought some in the supermarket for the family to taste. No wonder, same taste just like what I've experienced abroad, pulpy up to the last drop on my mouth, so healthy and highly recommended for all ages because of its "No Preservatives Added", that's why my family loves it.

    Katherine Sicat

  24. I want Minute Maid.. can't get enough of it!!!

    Stonibert Lim

    Thanks Girl Kuripot!!

  25. Goodluck!.. hope u win it and share the Pulpness!! :)

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  26. well..
    break a leg girl! :)

    nice one too..

    Gessa Marie Condino

  27. good luck, girl!
    i hope you'll win :)

  28. Good luck! I hope you win so we can also win (LOL).

  29. I know you can make it!!!

    Go for it!!! We are here to support you!!!
    Just believe in yourself!!

  30. Good luck girl-kuripot! hope you'll win this

    Elle Cruz

  31. I love Minute Maid! Good luck girl, hope you win! :)

    Cristina V. Sunga

  32. i hope you'll win:)) goodluck!
    kiong hee

    erica yu-bonifacio

  33. We love MINUTE MAID. Those pulpy bits makes the difference

  34. thanks for all the support! don't forget to leave your full names and email!

  35. i love your minute maid stories and declarations! mukhang lamang ang girl power dito a. i peeked at boy-kuripot's blog hehehe. panalo pa tayo hahaha. keep your stories coming!!!

  36. minute maid is the healthiest drink, NO Preservatives!!

    teresa hundana

    Minute Maid is indeed a great drink for everyone! Nice blog post :)
    Hopefully you could also drop me a comment or pulpy smile on my BLOG POST HERE ^_^
    Blessings and Good luck.

    Mary Grace Marquez

  38. :) it does sound good....maybe it also tastes good! we'll see...


  39. minute maid- healthy drink!
    i love it..
    goodluck sa iyo..


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