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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What If You Can Have Health For Free Now?

Girl Kuripot has turned over a new leaf this 2011! It all started with the Cocoa-Free counter I put up here to completely cut-off my chocolate intake. My reward: no more food allergies! I don't actually crave for chocolate anymore. Actually, it was around November 2010 when I attended the Landmark Forum so I'm thrilled about a new me until now. My mind is clear from everything that limits me and borrowing a statement from a friend, "I won my own now."

The next obstacle to conquer is to be a healthier me. I started this dietary program (too bad nothing physical changed) but I am proud to say that my perspective about eating healthy was altered. Now, I am willing to eat more chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits. I absolutely think this qualifies for a fit mind! 

Some say exercise is the key. I don't know why I doubt that statement when I really got results when I was still exercising. At that time, I was in the gym almost every day and enjoying every bit of exercise that my PT taught me. I would average around 4 hours a day including the steam bath, showers and rest periods over at Fitness First. Today marks the day that I will declare to start loving exercise again. 

What better way to start fulfilling this declaration than to get a FREE 3-day guest pass over at the same Fitness First branch I loved 4 years ago. Does an added FREE 1-month Fitness First GC sound good, too? One winner will be picked per week! I actually know that this contest will end on January 31, 2010 but why not start now?

A FIT MIND and BODY can do wonders for you, even debunk your old beliefs and transform your way of life. The great thing about it is that you can be an inspiration for people around you as well. Most of all, a fit mind and body can help you understand why you want to be fit in the first place. What you get is endless results!

Get your free passes here and go get that GC!

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