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How Do You Want to Spend Your Free Days? What Would You Do With Your Extra Travel Fund If You Won an All-Expense Paid Trip, a 5-Star Stay, an Extreme Adventure or Heard of a Free Experience Now?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Contest: Win a Macbook!

Young Atenean? Loyola Schools Student? Here's your chance to make a difference and win a Macbook with luck with the Macbook for Pathways Raffle! Children help children to go to school now.

Contest: Win a Dream Trip to Japan!

You don't need to have been to Japan to enter this contest. Just dream big and win that roundtrip tickets for 2 to go there this year with the help of friends.

Contest: 30 Trips to Concerts Around the World

If you haven't heard it yet, I'm going to tell you all about it. 30 lucky fans will get to bring one companion to the concert of their choice happening all over the world this 2011! Want to win a 3D2N Stay with your friend plus $350 pocket money as well (aside from the concert tickets and the roundtrip airfare)? Destinations include Chile, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Paris, London, UK, Denmark, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Canada, New York, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand and many many more! The roster of musicians include Usher, David Archuleta, Santana, 2PM, Shakira, Westlife, Foo Fighters, Maroon 5, the Glee Cast, Sean Kingston and more artists!

Convinced? Here's how to join:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Saving Tip # 11 - Invest on Loyalty - The Delta Airlines Comeback and The Mabuhay Miles Fanatic

Let me tell you why I left my BPI Worldperks Mastercard at home for more than a year and made it a backup card until today. Aside from being my first card and having all of those Jollibee freebies that started the charge slip freebies craze, this particular BPI card was marketed as the no-miles-expiration-forever card. Additional perks online like free 1000 miles for a survey made me fall in love with Northwest Airlines more. I knew they didn't have flights from Manila so it just made me think that someday I would fly to where Northwest flies for sure. I wouldn't waste my miles on a flight I didn't like just because they will expire already and I had forever to spend (or it depends on how bad I want it) until I reach my target multi-destination holiday on Northwest. I was okay with the P45 to 1 mile conversion. Then, something not cool happened - Northwest Airlines merged with Delta Airlines in 2009. The miles will expire after 2 years and no more cool contests online.

The other day, I found out something about Delta Airlines that might make me use my BPI card again. Update 2013: Mabuhay Miles (Philippine Airlines) just announced that the Mabuhay miles earned will no longer expire too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

HSBC Swipe & Fly Version 2

For future big spenders, the comfort of a roundtrip Cathay Pacific international flight is what you'll get. Here's Version 2 of the HSBC promo. If you're interested in Version 1, click here.

HSBC Swipe & Fly Version 1

The credit card deals are becoming more and more irresistible. It took them long enough to figure out that people love to travel!

Put Your Face in New York!

You've got 2 weeks to put your face in a wall in New York City for FREE. If the project becomes a success, you'll find yourself wanting to go to NYC to look for yourself in the near future! Being a part of New York sounds like a great idea for me!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saving Tip # 10 - Do You Love to Travel? Look for Free Music.

Aside from the various love concerts happening in February, there is also an ongoing Jazzfest if you're into music. Traveling doesn't necessarily mean going to popular tourist destinations. An experience of music will take you to a different time, place or space if you listen with your heart. The mission and vision of the Philippine International Jazzfest is to hold our very own annual international music and arts festival in the Philippines. 

Saving Tip # 9 - Spend on Travel Most at This Time of Year

Want to splurge on international or domestic travel? Think again. Traveling can be costly. Or not. You won't know unless you go.

Win an Overnight Stay with Dinner for 2!

If you think Valentine's Day is over, think again. The whole of February isn't called the Love Month for nothing. Here's a chance to win a belated Valentine's date. Single romantics are welcome.

The Prize: An Overnight Stay with Dinner and Breakfast for 2.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway - Free Travel!

Girl Kuripot has a Valentine's Day treat for all of you!

Thank you for supporting Girl Kuripot! Girl Kuripot is now 4 months old. I want to share my passion for joining contests and making the most of my life through my blogs. As you already know, my main blog is a collection of Guiltless Getaways - a different kind of travel. Here in Girl Kuripot, you can make the most out of traveling, sometimes without spending much, but it requires effort and some luck. You'll always find contests with travel-related prizes, good deals, other girly prizes, my other interests and my stand in life. 

I am very happy that I will be giving away a trip as a prize to my readers! This has always been the goal for Girl Kuripot Giveaways. As I said before, if I could I would.

Special thanks to Anywhere Philippines for a special start!

Girl Kuripot Giveaway - 1000 for 500 Contest!

This is a Hidden Girl Kuripot Giveaway! Congratulations, you are one of the first lucky few to find out about this Original Hidden Contest! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Win Makeup Worth $1140!

Glamadazzle is having another giveaway! $1140 worth up for grabs!

Win 3 2N Stays in Singapore for You and Your Friends!

This is a chance to party and tour Singapore with 5 friends for FREE!  Celebrate the opening of the new Ibis Singapore Novena on April 2011!

The Prize: A 2N Stay (3 Rooms) with Daily Breakfast in Singapore and a 1-Day Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Win a 3D2N Stay in Bali!

Would you consider yourself lucky this Year of the Bunny? Maybe if you take a moment and find the rabbit that has a heart, he’ll finally grant your wish to win something for a change.

Win 1 of 3 Free Makeovers!

I have been an Azta Fan for years now. The most recent stunt was getting a full digital perm for my long hair last year. 

The one before that was coloring and styling my hair after I cut it this short at a barber shop.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Love Triangle Events at the Gardens for Advanced V-day and V-Day!

For singles: Do you know where to hang out on Valentine's Day?
For couples: Do you know where to take your date yet for Valentine's Day?
I will always Y love songs regardless of my status. 
Here's a thought: Check out the Triangle below on February 11 or February 14, 2011.

Valentine's Day Related Trivia: Do you know that there's a White Day (3/14), Black Day (4/14) and a Kiss Day (5/14) aside from Valentine's Day (2/14) in Korea? Read all about my learnings in this Guiltless Getaways post.

Win Another Little Shoe Contest!

When GK is on a break, she looks for shoes which are free. I found Little Miss Dress Up's Little Shoe Giveaway Contest! Did I mention that I love shoes? She's giving away shoes from SO F.A.B. like ThirstyThought! Again, it's the G in GK talking... from ThirstyThought

Win a 3D2N Trip to Palawan!

Ever been to Palawan? Want to go to Palawan? How about for FREE? I miss Coron! I wasn't blogging until 2010 so it's not in Guiltless Getaways. El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa are all unique and beautiful in their own ways! I'm sure the second time will always be different!

The World-Renowned Palawan Subterranean River

Travel For Free! Go Anywhere Philippines!

If you could go Anywhere Philippines, where would you go and what would you do? Here's a chance to win an exciting adventure - 4 Trips for 4 Bloggers 4 FREE from Anywhere Philippines!

Friday, February 4, 2011

This is a Super Contest!

Globe and PopAz is having a Super Free! Super Pwede! Weekend Promo before the weekend ends! 

Join a Free Postal Heritage Tour!

There's a FREE Postal Heritage and National Heritage Month Tour happening in Manila this month and there are still some slots left!

Image from

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Win a 2N Romantic Stay in Hong Kong!

Do you have any fond memories of Hong Kong? Want to go back? It's time to dig out those pictures labeled "Most Romantic Place in Hong Kong" and join this contest.

Win a Little Shoe Contest!

When GK is on a break, she looks for shoes which are free. I found ThirstyThought's Little Shoe Giveaway Contest! Did I mention that I love shoes? She's giving away shoes from SO F.A.B.! It's the G in GK talking... from ThirstyThought

Win Travel Certificate for 2 Worth P 30000!

There are 3 more prizes but my eyes are on the Travel Prize. Here's your chance to win 30000 Pesos Worth of Travel Certificate for 2! The trick is to bring them what they want before you get what you want.

Win an iPad For Promoting the Philippines!

I support traveling so it's not hard to like Tourismo Filipino! 

Win an Overnight Stay for 2!

Want to stay for a night at the Manila Peninsula Hotel just to get away? Cartridge World Philippines will make your Valentine's Day special with this promo.

The Prize: An Overnight Stay for 2 with breakfast and Gift Baskets worth P1500 each for 3 of your friends!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Win a 4D3N Trip for 2 to Singapore!

Design your very own Singapore trip and they just might make your plan come true!

The Prize: Your Customized 4D3N Singapore Trip with Airfare for 2 plus passes to your destination!

Win a Dinner Date this Valentine's Day!

No plans for Valentine's Day yet? If you're stuck in Manila, here's a thought. Have a free dinner date. 

Win a 2N Stay at a Studio Apartment Weekly!

Here's a simple Facebook contest. This is a chance to win a 2-Night Stay for 2 at any Ascott serviced residences around the world!

Free Tickets to the 2011 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

I would give you chances for free trips if I could. That is my goal for Girl Kuripot Giveaways. In the meantime, here's a chance to win 2 tickets to one of the biggest events this year - the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival. It's going to be on February 10 to 13, 2011 in Clark, Pampanga. It is the largest get-together of everything that flies in the Philippines so don't miss it!

Win a 150 Euro Hostel Prize for Valentine's Day!

Hostelbookers is giving away a prize this Valentine's Day worth 150 Euros! The prize can be used to book any hostel in any country at their site.

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway Version of Minute Maid Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who joined the Girl-Kuripot Minute Maid comment contest entry! Although I did not win, I'd like to announce a Girl-Kuripot winner to show my appreciation for all of you. I did not receive too many feedback on the recipe part so you can still do that here. In the meantime, here's the Girl-Kuripot Winner. No giveaway will be complete without a giveaway, right? If you followed the instructions, you always have a chance in my Giveaways.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chris Chronicles Giveaway

GK simply loves giveaways. I would love to win this one for my blog. Chris Chronicles is giving away a $100, $50, $30 and a Blogger or Wordpress template.

Girl-Kuripot Giveaway - 12 Health & Wellness Prizes Delivered to Your Door!

Girl-Kuripot is having another giveaway! We’re going big this time with 12 winners made possible by Xend Business Solutions and other Girl-Kuripot sponsors!

Xend Business Solutions is the official Girl-Kuripot partner and logistics provider for this year’s Health and Wellness Giveaway. With this partnership, Girl-Kuripot’s wish of a healthier you this 2011 will start once you receive that Health and Wellness Girl-Kuripot surprise item in your doorstep. Wouldn’t it be a nice thought that if this partnership becomes permanent, Girl-Kuripot’s Giveaways would always reach you in no time through Xend no matter where you are in the Philippines? Meet-ups and pickups can be a hassle and can be limiting sometimes, especially for nationwide Girl-Kuripot giveaways! I am determined to make this partnership possible!

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