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Friday, February 18, 2011

Saving Tip # 11 - Invest on Loyalty - The Delta Airlines Comeback and The Mabuhay Miles Fanatic

Let me tell you why I left my BPI Worldperks Mastercard at home for more than a year and made it a backup card until today. Aside from being my first card and having all of those Jollibee freebies that started the charge slip freebies craze, this particular BPI card was marketed as the no-miles-expiration-forever card. Additional perks online like free 1000 miles for a survey made me fall in love with Northwest Airlines more. I knew they didn't have flights from Manila so it just made me think that someday I would fly to where Northwest flies for sure. I wouldn't waste my miles on a flight I didn't like just because they will expire already and I had forever to spend (or it depends on how bad I want it) until I reach my target multi-destination holiday on Northwest. I was okay with the P45 to 1 mile conversion. Then, something not cool happened - Northwest Airlines merged with Delta Airlines in 2009. The miles will expire after 2 years and no more cool contests online.

The other day, I found out something about Delta Airlines that might make me use my BPI card again. Update 2013: Mabuhay Miles (Philippine Airlines) just announced that the Mabuhay miles earned will no longer expire too!

Saving Tip # 11 - Invest on Loyalty Points when you spend with your credit card and travel. Opt for those with low conversion rates like the Allied Mabuhay Miles Mastercard (P33 to 1 mile, and claiming those miles are so easy with Philippine Airlines!) and those that also have freebies for small purchases.

The Good News - Delta Airlines just eliminated mileage expiration and adopted Northwest's former motto! Skymiles is the only major U.S. Carrier mileage accrual card today with miles that do not expire! Plus, since they merged, the destinations of Northwest, Delta and their other Skyteam Alliance partners like KLM, Air France and Korean Air add up together to expand my choice of that dream flight worldwide from Manila!

Good thing they also transferred all my Northwest miles to Delta. Keeping my fingers crossed that other carriers will follow suit! A girl can dream of Mabuhay Miles that last forever... *Wink Wink* Philippine Airlines! I just get a thrill when I earn Mabuhay Miles (sometimes double) when I spend, when I bank and when I fly.

Start applying for a BPI Skymiles Card and an Allied Bank Mabuhay Miles Card now! They're a traveler's best friend. Europe, US and World, here I come!


  1. Hi Melody,

    I've never been a fan of credit cards but this post got me! Would love love love to travel so I might look at Allied Bank Mabuhay Miles Card! ;-)

  2. Thanks Jon=) Stay tuned! I would post on similar topics if anything comes up.


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