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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contest Alert! Haka Pukana Challenge

Open your eyes as wide as you can, stick out your tongue and yell "Blaahhhhhhhh" for as long as you can - this is part of the Haka or Maori War Dance called Pukana. I once watched this dance on TV and doing this near a cliff or mountain-top looked outrageously fun, exhausting and liberating all at the same time (sort of like unleashing your inner being with an ancient tribal ritual). The Prize for this Haka Tours Competition is an experience of a lifetime in New Zealand (including flights) worth over $20,000.

For those who would dare, record yourself or your friends or relatives doing a Pukana and upload it on YouTube with the title "I want to win the New Zealand Adventure Experience of a Lifetime with the Haka for Haka Tours Competition". Videos can only be 5 to 10 seconds in duration. Provide your details and URL in their Facebook Sign Up Page. Get a lot of people to view your video.

For more details, click here. To join, click here.


  1. Thanks for this info eto entry ko

  2. Here's my contest entry... hope you guys view it on you tube, like it and share it with your friends using Facebook and Twitter

  3. Whoops... the link above is wrong... correct link is:

  4. Here's another entry for the contest. Please view / press like and leave a comment!

    Thanks in advance to the Girl Kuripot subscribers!


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