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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Power Up Your Potential at John Robert Powers Contest!

My life before the last quarter of last year involved a predictable upward trend to improve and be better from year to year. I was always looking for more to do and stuff to learn to put color into my life. I set out on an adventure and decided to become a travel blogger. Through my blogs Girl Kuripot and Guiltless Getaways, I fulfilled a dream to be a contribution to Filipinos and the people all over the world. It was then that I discovered the power within me to make a difference and the possibility to do what I love to do while continuing the pursuit to get to know myself to the core. Allowing myself to grow in the process, putting my dreams at stake and taking chances are part of my life today.  

I believe that doing the John Robert Powers' Personality Development Workshop will be able to address a crucial part of what I do - which is to be fully self-expressed and be a well-rounded travel blogger. By well-rounded, I mean, stepping out of my shell and fully set out to explore the world, unafraid and confident to take on new challenges that I will write about and share with my readers when I get home. There lies the possibility to exude natural ease, grace, poise and confidence in everyone. It's just that some have an access to it because they went for their dreams and approached one who has had success in it for guidance. Taking a course to get to know yourself, and unleashing your full potential at the same time, is one of the best moves you can give to yourself. If you love to travel, like me, this is an experience that you will take with you while you live your life to the fullest.

To my dear readers, if you share my thoughts, there is a contest to win a John Robert Powers workshop in the blog Between Bites. An opportunity like this lets you reflect on your life and the dreams you've always wanted to have.

If you're ready, answer "What makes John Robert Powers' Personality Development Workshop the best thing to do today?" in less than 500 words and leave a comment in the Between Bites blog. Make sure to add a photo, link Between Bites' blog or entry link, follow Between Bites on Twitter and be a Facebook Fan.

Contest ends June 9, 2011!

Click here to join Between Bites' Power Up Your Potential at John Robert Powers Contest.

I'd love to hear from you and what's important for you. Leave me a note below!

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  1. wow congrats ms melody for winning on this contest. blog ka naman bout your experience dun :)

  2. how was your experience there?

  3. I picked up a lot of stuff and wrote about the Social and Business Etiquette class here: These you can also use when dining out=) Enjoy!


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