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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free Red Box Party for GK Readers!

Free Party for my readers!!! Rock Dine and Roll with joy at Red Box. I'm gonna go sing the night away with my friends and live out my stardom VIP-style (it's in my name, I was born to do this *Wink)!

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Are you an active Girl Kuripot email subscriber? If not, subscribe via email on the upper right side of my page. I'm not really sure how this works and when it ends but give me your email address you used to subscribe below. Like the CBTL Spread the Froth, I can send in batches of four people. I would go the extra mile for my ever loyal readers =)


P.S. I did a trial earlier for this and sent to precila, remleseyer, rengieann and gustosagiveaways. I also got my coupon already. You guys, send me any feedback! 


  1. wow i like red box ,,,! wish id be one one of the 3 lucky guests

  2. Hi Melody! I love to go to Red Box! :) Please let me know how to get the freebie. Here's the email address I used to follow your blog:


  3. Ah, fantastic give-away! I wish I could get to go to Red Box with 3 of my friends. Here's the email I used to subscribe to Girl Kuripot - my favorite site!

    Lucinda Dominguez

  4. janese, you get to have a party of your own and bring 3 friends. just leave your email and i'll see what i can do. i'll plan a bigger party for my GK readers hehe.

    trixietorralba and lucindadominguez, im waiting for 2 more people before im allowed to send in your emails.ayan o si janese para 3 na, isa na lang.hehe.

  5. This is cool. Please count me in. Here's my email address:

  6. Nice! I'm an avid reader and also a redbox fan.. here is my email.. :

  7. red box! i would love to be one of the winners! :P

  8. trixietorralba, lucindadominguez, olrac_cire_iii, tin_joy_mendoza ive sent the invites.says it will appear in 24 hours in your email.

    balinguynguy and tonski02 hope u can verify your subscriptions.

  9. nice!! RED BOX is so cool!! i wanna go there and party with my friends too! my birthday is upcoming so I am hoping to win! it would really be a nice celebration for me! yay!!

  10. is this still on? would love to be one of the party goers.

  11. balinguynguy, kittykets, mdumanlang, trina3ns ive sent the invites.says it will appear in 24 hours in your email.

  12. We want to party :D


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