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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girl Kuripot - Playing for Top Influential Blogger this 2011

I write this post to inform you of my intention to win the distinction of Top Influential Blogger 2011 for Girl Kuripot. The opportunity only comes this year and because Girl Kuripot was created last October 2010 and qualified for the cutoff, this year is the year to step up, go for the gold and push this blog to the next level. With the recognition comes a bigger responsibility and a bigger community for travel enthusiasts in Girl Kuripot. I'm taking on that challenge and creating the future of Girl Kuripot today. Blogging about travel freebies, contests and promotions makes a difference. Actively experiencing the world and pursuing our dreams to travel and support causes for the world doesn't have to be hard and impossible. Let us grow the Girl Kuripot community and experience the world newly together.

There's more to this message.

To My Dear Readers,

Girl Kuripot exists and has evolved into what it is today because of the love and support you have given.  Thank you.

If you are not a blogger, you might want to consider blogging as another means of self-expression. The blogging community is ready for you and the world wide web is big enough for all of us to touch lives. You are perfect the way you are and you're always welcome to share your thoughts in Girl Kuripot.

This is also an opportunity to tell you about the Top Influential Blogger Writing Project. If you are a blogger, this writing project is an opportunity to meet new bloggers, experience the love in the blogging community, receive link love and loyal followers, win raffle prizes (10 will win $100 each) and support the effort to find and spot the newbie blogs who are making waves in the Pinoy community. Bloggers, continue to inspire us in your stand to fully express yourselves and being a contribution to the world.

My request is to put Girl Kuripot in that post that lists your Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 along with a brief description of why the blog was chosen. You can continuously update the post and inform them of any changes until September 7, 2011. Don't forget to post your entry link in the Influential Blogger post and read the other requirements for the raffle and nominations here in this link to put in the blog posts such as minimum nomination of 5 blogs as well as links to the post and sponsors. Do you accept my invitation?

I acknowledge Anton of PusangKalye.Net for his stand and faith in Girl Kuripot.

Much Love,

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