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How Do You Want to Spend Your Free Days? What Would You Do With Your Extra Travel Fund If You Won an All-Expense Paid Trip, a 5-Star Stay, an Extreme Adventure or Heard of a Free Experience Now?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Win a Trip for 4 to Abu Dhabi!

If you were going to watch a wholesome movie with the family, why not watch where you get to fly for free and go through the roller coaster if you will be the lucky ones or not?! That's twice the fun and you wouldn't have to wait that long to win a trip for 4 to Abu Dhabi!

Free Film Screenings For the Next Three Weeks!

There was a time when BK and I would watch indie films, get lost driving around UP Diliman and hang around for some Eggplant Parmigiana and Carrot Cake at Chocolate Kiss, which was just across the Film Center. Now, here's the ultimate chance to do just that because the Free Brazil Film Festival 2011 is going to be held in the UPFI Film Center (Cine Adarna) this year!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watch the 5th International Silent Film Festival Manila for Free!

Are you game for another 4-day movie marathon experience? Have you read my CineEuropa marathon experience and why I love international film festivals yet? This one's a wee bit different since they're all silent films. I bet you'll find an interesting bunch of movie buddies there in no time if you choose to do it alone for the weekend. Now, what do you get when the Goethe-Institut Philipinen (Germany), the Japan Foundation (Japan), Manila (Philippines), Instituto Cervantes (Spain), the Embassy of Italy (Italy), the Embassy of Greece (Greece), the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines (NCCA) and the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film all come together to promote film appreciation? You get the only Silent Film Festival held in the whole of Southeast Asia!

Free Film Screenings Tonight and Tomorrow!

Ever wondered what else you can do in Cubao Expo? Ever heard of Mogwai's Free Film Screenings? If you see this post early, you might want to head over there now and catch the 8 p.m. screening!

Win a Trip to Japan, the Birthplace of MANGA!

The International MANGA Award not only promotes Japan and a means to share what Japanese culture is all about, it is also a recognition for Manga artists who have contributed in promoting the understanding of MANGA outside of Japan. Applications for the 5th International MANGA Awards is still open for your previous works this month! Get to win a trip to Tokyo and meet Japan MANGA artists and publishing companies there!

Join FDCP's 1st National Film Competition!

I want to start off the week with posts themed for the visual art experience. First off is the launch of the Sineng Pambansa - The 1st National Film Competition. The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is in full support to look for the next Filipino Film Masterpieces! This is a bold and generous move to encourage the development of the Filipino film culture and gather together aspiring filmmakers from all parts of the country!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Win a 4D Trip to Malaysia!

I've never really thought about motorcycle races until this. For one, when I think of races, I think of cars and go-karts. Second, I only see them at EDSA and I cringe at the thought of endlessly keep distance for both the motorcycle driver and my safety. The Fast and Furious types and customized ones though, I don't see a lot of them here in the crowded streets of Manila. Going back, the "this" I'm talking about has prizes for us. Ultimately, Shell is looking to get the public's opinion on the 7 Riding Wonders of the World.

Isle of Man TT Snaefell Mountain Course in British Isles
Image from

I had fun browsing through the different and breathtaking route tracks all over the world. Just imagine coasting through old towns, mountains, farmlands or simply ride while enjoying the countryside or have an ocean view. Just getting to one is already a dream come true for me.

Win an Aircraft Ride for 4 with AFP's Finest!

Military area is restricted and I only see the soldiers on TV. I wonder what it's like though to fly with these brave souls. Don't you? This is a chance to go on that aircraft ride with 3 of your friends and meet the Armed Forces of the Philippines' finest pilot/s! 

Photo from

I was already jumping in my seat when I met Carlo and he told me things I never knew about flying (Of course, it's now in my Guiltless Getaways post Chasing Airplanes and Pilots!). This time you get the chance to do some aerial photography, too! I wonder where they will take the winners...

Start Collecting Those Boarding Passes!

One of my most favorite things to collect as a souvenir after a trip are boarding passes from my flights. No matter where I went ever since I knew what air travel was all about, these pieces of hard magnetic paper looked the same, even with international airlines, like it wouldn't fade over time and would actually transfer fresh ink into your hands if you were not careful. Imagine my shock when I encountered fax paper Cebu Pacific boarding passes during one of my trips last year. Today, I give you another option to make those boarding passes worth keeping, if you're not a "collector" like me, by exchanging them for free flights here and abroad!

Aspiring Filmmaker?

This Southeast Asian Student Documentary Award Competition is open to aspiring and young Filipino documentary filmmakers, students aged 18 to 28! It's an opportunity to bring out your talent and engage yourself in pressing social and environmental issues.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Join Dole's Banana Morning Motto!

Because I'm intrigued with Zumba classes and I love going to The Spa, I want to share this with you either to start and end your day right. Make every day fun with the Dole Banana Morning Motto! Both The Spa and Zumba class GCs are up for grabs!

Beyond Awesome Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental and Siquijor!

Have you ever been to Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental or Siquijor? Did you leave footprints and took away Beyond Awesome Winner Pictures with you? Perhaps it's about a local tourism site, an undiscovered attraction, local delicacies, food varieties or handicraft that are unique to these areas?

For the Win, Let's Go Sago!

Ok, let's do this! It's the 3rd Blog Anniversary of the travel blog Let's Go Sago! This is a chance to win an overnight stay for 2 in the Tides Boracay and many more prizes! Here are my 3 favorite Philippine travel spots to entertain you!

Join the Philpost International Writing Competition!

Know any kid who wants to go to Switzerland? The 41st International Writing Competition for Young People is open for kids aged 15 years old and below, represented by Philpost in the Philippines! For adults, don't forget about the Free Postal Heritage Tour offered every 3rd Sunday of the month! Read all about my experience in Guiltless Getaways.

Go & Shop, Here Comes the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart 2011!

Time to prepare for another treat! You have around half a month left to save up to find and book that travel deal you want at awesome prices. The Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) presents the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Music, Arts, Dance and Theater Classes!

Music, Arts, Dance and Theater - I only have a love-love relationship with these four things while I was growing up. I could never shrug off music out of my life and it's obviously tied to my name. When I look back though, I wasn't consistent with keeping music alive in my life and I conveniently forgot about it in my preoccupation about grades in college and perfection in my previous work. 

Guess what this picture is really all about! - from my Hong Kong trip last December 2010

Today, I would like to share an opportunity for the youth that I could only dream about not so long ago. There are free classes offered by the Pasig Youth Development Center and I am in awe with this move to enhance the young talented Filipinos. I believe this could be the start of a nationwide campaign.

Laugh Trip Suplado Contest, Have a Slice of Stanley Chi!

It's the first time I've heard of Stanley Chi. Di kasi ako namamansin ng kapwa suplado. Ang lupit ng suplado story niya sa TV. Hahaha. They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, there's nothing to cure sa akin pero just in case, nakakatawa talaga at naging magaan ang pagsusulat ko ngayon. Ang swabe ng hirit at ang pagkatotoo ng istorya niya, nangyayari talaga. Apart from that, I've realized upon reading his blog entry that embracing your inner suplado does give a sense of freedom in being fully self-expressed. There are just times when you want to speak up and risk the branding "suplado" or "suplada" instead of allowing your blood to boil inside. It's even funnier when you read about it and realize it's just a script that might just work to let you be. Anyway, Stanley Chi sikat ka na nga, nabalitaan na kita!

Learn Living Green with Orchids!

I'm still a lady and I love the thought of flowers. I haven't quite figured out though if I have what they call a "green thumb". If it's genetic, my mom has it and might just give me false hope when I have my own garden next time. The 65th Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show though is happening soon and cannot wait for me to decide now. All I can say is that I had fun looking and surrounding myself with these colorful breeds of orchids during the Taiwan International Flora Expo (read all about it here)!

The Philippine Orchid Society will be having daily lectures about plant care and growing these orchids the environmental-friendly way during the event. This is your chance to have this beautiful learning experience and meet enthusiasts passionate about nature along the way.

Free Lakbay Alalay Checkup from Petron!

I'm a newbie driver and I don't know anything about cars but dirt and grime. Driving though has become such a great way to travel for me in the past few months and I'm thrilled at the thought that I got to know routes I have never been to in the Metro. Good thing there are those concerned about the safety and me having a worry-free travel experience! Here comes Petron's Free Lakbay Alalay Check-up to the rescue!

Join Another Amazing Race around the Metro!

Are you ready for another AMAZING race? I posted 3 Ways to Participate in the Amazing Race in Guiltless Getaways last time. This is listed as Number 3! Here's another adventure for you - 12 destinations for 12 teams. The application period will end soon!

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