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Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Music, Arts, Dance and Theater Classes!

Music, Arts, Dance and Theater - I only have a love-love relationship with these four things while I was growing up. I could never shrug off music out of my life and it's obviously tied to my name. When I look back though, I wasn't consistent with keeping music alive in my life and I conveniently forgot about it in my preoccupation about grades in college and perfection in my previous work. 

Guess what this picture is really all about! - from my Hong Kong trip last December 2010

Today, I would like to share an opportunity for the youth that I could only dream about not so long ago. There are free classes offered by the Pasig Youth Development Center and I am in awe with this move to enhance the young talented Filipinos. I believe this could be the start of a nationwide campaign.

The Pasig Youth Development Council (YDC) has FREE piano, guitar, drum, theater arts, voice, ballet, drawing and painting, photography, animation/cartooning art, computer, cooking/baking and modern & hiphop dance classes and activities for young Pasiguenos. I don't know for how long and it's newly launched end of July 2011.

I'm also happy to report that music is back in my life =) I would incorporate gladly singing in my blogging, especially now that I know that it's part of who I want to be. Keep your dreams of being bagets alive! =)


Call the Pasig Youth Development Council at 643-7632 or visit this link.

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