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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Start Collecting Those Boarding Passes!

One of my most favorite things to collect as a souvenir after a trip are boarding passes from my flights. No matter where I went ever since I knew what air travel was all about, these pieces of hard magnetic paper looked the same, even with international airlines, like it wouldn't fade over time and would actually transfer fresh ink into your hands if you were not careful. Imagine my shock when I encountered fax paper Cebu Pacific boarding passes during one of my trips last year. Today, I give you another option to make those boarding passes worth keeping, if you're not a "collector" like me, by exchanging them for free flights here and abroad!

Simply exchange your Airphil Express boarding passes (2 for a roundtrip flight, right? Wink*) dated July 20, 2011. The travel dates must all be within 2 years from your oldest Airphil Express flight boarding pass.

Here's what else you have to know:
10 Domestic Airphil Express boarding passes = 1 Domestic One-way Ticket to any APX Destination
10 International Airphil Express boarding passes = 1 International One-way Ticket to any APX Destination

Start claiming those free Airphil Express trips at their designated hubs!

I think it might actually work for me to collect then keep the pictures and claim these tickets to disappear my attachment! Even I will be grateful for going digital instead of letting them collect dust here. 

Enjoy, Everyone!


Click here for blackout dates and other information about claiming these Airphil Express Rewards.

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