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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taiwan Film Festival Manila 2011 Schedule!

Not a lot of people know that the Taiwan Film Festival in Manila for this year 2011 is already happening this week. It starts tomorrow until Wednesday next week and you can view the schedules here. Entrance is still free.

Venue: Shangri-La Mall, Cinema 4
Entrance: FREE, tickets distributed 30 minutes before

October 21, 2011 Friday
2 p.m. No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti
5 p.m. Zoom Hunting
8 p.m. Gangster Rock

October 22, 2011 Saturday
2 p.m. The Magical Washing Machine, Respire, Small Station
5 p.m. Gangster Rock
8 p.m. Three Times

October 23, 2011 Sunday
2 p.m. Zoom Hunting
5 p.m. Pinoy Sunday
8 p.m. No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti

October 24, 2011 Monday
2 p.m. Three Times
5 p.m. Jump! Boys
8 p.m. Pinoy Sunday

October 25, 2011 Tuesday
2 p.m. Gangster Rock
5 p.m. No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti
8 p.m. The Magical Washing Machine, Respire, Small Station

October 26, 2011 Wednesday
2 p.m. Jump! Boys
5 p.m. The Magical Washing Machine, Respire, Small Station
8 p.m. Zoom Hunting

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  1. Is there a synopses of the films?

  2. Hi Dementia, there's no one source that I can direct you to where you can find the synopses for all films for this festival schedule. It's just 7 films, try researching the net for fun or go there not knowing what it's all about for the adventure =)


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