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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Live the A!Life, Win a 3D2N Trip to Hong Kong!

I've been attempting to get healthy by interchanging exercise and taking supplements for the past months. In fact, I have added the Amateur Health Nut category in Manila Overload recently starting with the Barre3, the Chocolate Counter on the sidebar, the Cecon Advance Multivitamin Challenge and the Wheatgrass Stories. I'm caught up today and very satisfied with the Enervon Alternative (More Enervon, Mas Happy!) and it's about to run out. I want to lose weight and take A!Life Control for the holiday reunions. Maybe I can tempt you into considering Living the A!Life now hahaha. It's nice to have diet buddies. Winning a 3D2N Trip to Hong Kong sounds like fun!!!

Image from the A!Life Facebook Page Photos 
Look for it and just read the caption!!! OMG hahaha.

You (female contestants only) have until December 15, 2011 to go find a Health Express branch. Participating A!Life Variants include the A!Life Energy, A!Life Control, A!Life Posture, A!Life Protect, A!Life Restore and A!Life Trim.

Let's take control of our health together! Only we can be the judge if our bodies reacts well to these supplements. Health is a factor to consider for a Guiltless travel too =)


Click here to know more about the Live the A!Life Fly Away Hong Kong Promo.

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