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Monday, February 13, 2012

Holy Week Travel Plans with the Wandering Tandem!

Holy Week is such a big deal here in the Philippines. Not only is it because of the week-long religious celebration, it also marks a few more days of rest, double pay for those working, summer for those in school, a longer vacation and a time to spend with the family. I came across the Wandering Tandem blog of a mother Barok and son Mokong and their epic trips every Holy Week through their contest.

Quoting from Barok,
YEY! So, again, we’re so happy! We’re so happy! We’re so extremely happy!
And because we’re extremely happy, we would like to share with you our happiness by having our very first blog give-away promo (which, really, isn’t that much but we hope you’ll join anyway ^_^).
I'm happy for them and I wish you have fun like them planning your Holy Week travel from April 5 to April 9, 2012! Traveling with the people you love is such a great experience.


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