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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Natura Vista, Win a 3D2N Stay in Bohol!

Oh boy, oh boy. I had fun looking for pictures of my first ever trip in Bohol last 2005. Back then, I was still as shy as this tarsier! This contest is a chance to win a 3D2N Stay for 2 in Bohol!

Like Natura Vista Hotel then send them a photo illustrating why it's fun to visit Bohol via email. Follow their site and comment. Finally, rally for your picture to win.

You can follow this 1 Day Trip Itinerary of Bohol:

Climb up a whole flight of stairs to get a good view of the Chocolate Hills

give this bell on top a ring and make a wish, 

have lunch at the Loboc River Cruise 

then go see the tarsiers! We went on December and stayed at Panglao Island by the way.

If you want to do the river cruise in Luzon and you are nowhere near Bohol, the Dawel River Cruise is patterned after the Loboc River cruise. Enjoy! Contest ends before April 5, 2012!



  1. You looked so young in the photos. Wait, this was 2005, haha.

    Bohol looks so fun, I want some of their peanuts kisses!!!!

  2. Thanks for the post. We've always followed Boy Kuripot, and Girl Kuripot is just perfect! :)


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