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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping It Together Travel KIT! - GK & BK Giveaway!

If you're like me, I like to travel and make sure I bring the essentials (plus some more just in case haha). Today, here's a travel item giveaway from Keeping It Together (KIT) to use in your next trip!


GK & BK are giving away 3 sets of KIT items for Our Dear Readers! One winner will take home a Large KIT loot bag, another winner a Medium KIT loot bag and another winner a Small KIT loot bag! You can put all sorts of stuff in the bag and in the containers that will come with the bag.

To illustrate, I brought my travel KIT with me in my last Korea trip.


I put all my toiletries in one clear KIT bag. The bag (available in KIT) can fit my facial wash, toothbrush, a non-spill gel pump (available in KIT) for my shampoo, dental floss, a soap dish (available in KIT) that can actually fit my soap and two toothpaste tubes.

toiletry-kit-keeping it together.jpg

I also took another KIT clear bag with me to store my "other small things". My eye pencils, eye shadows, sunblock, BB cream sachet and lip gloss fit right in the sealable soap dish so you can really put other stuff in these KIT containers. One of my favorites was the round container. I put lots of clips and hair things in there without the risk of spilling or losing them all one by one.


The pink bag is supposed to be a ladies' napkin bag. You can put medicine there and what I love about it is that it can fit in the KIT clear container bag (comes in small, medium and large) - along with cotton buds, mascara, eyelash curler, fake eyelashes and my favorite Swiss Card (it has a pocket Swiss knife, scissors, tweezers, etc.)!


I left the perfume containers, powder containers, other small containers and the atomizers (all these are available in KIT) at home to add to my makeup table. I would like to take my time and use the rest of my KIT not only while I'm traveling. KIT has mini funnels, droppers and spatulas as well for easier transfers from big bottle to small bottle.


I'm inviting you to drop by the one and only Keeping It Together (KIT) shop in Greenhills. They sell other cool stuff like this clothing organizer for those half-mine-half-yours luggage space. The big one can easily fit 12 men-sized shirts to avoid getting your kid's or husband's clothes mixed with yours.


They also sell Flipsters which are foldable slippers you can carry with you in your travels when you're traveling, when you're in a plane, when you're pregnant or when your shoes are killing your pretty feet.


As for color, some of the non-spill bottles and other organizing items come in different colors. They also might include squeezable bottles in your KIT.


This is perfect for shampoos and liquids so you won't have to turn them upside down when it's nearly empty. I think they also have an atomizer in there. It converts liquid into mist and it can be used for perfumes or water for your face.


You can buy KIT items for your travels for as low as P29! Stocks run out fast though! You can get a lot of the bottles and containers for less than P100. This is a great treat for yourself and your family. You can also customize a nice travel gift here for your friends that fits your budget!


Store Details:
KIT - Keeping It Together
L-27, Lower Level
Greenhills Theatre Mall
KIT (Keeping It Together) Facebook Page

So there you go! We are giving away the 3 KIT loot bags below and we are looking for 3 winners! This contest is open to all readers who can personally pick up the prize at the KIT store in Greenhills. You have to be willing to take a picture of yourself with your prize when you receive it.


This GK & BK Giveaway will run from April 24, 2012 all the way to May 11, 2012 12:01 a.m. I will be notifying the winners via email and will also announce it here in my blog. You will have different chances/ways of winning.
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  1. just like to know if it's the purse being given away or it includes the toiletries?

    1. Hi Marge. The last photo are the actual items, includes the clear bag and contents. The 3 items are sized small, medium and large. toiletries, of course, such as soap and such are not included. KIT sells containers and organizers for toiletries.

  2. I wish I'd win. :)

  3. hi GK! joined your giveaway! hope to win this time!

  4. Joining Here!! Hope to win :)

    Manilyn Bombarda

  5. Joined already. Wish to win (",)

    Maricar Losantas

  6. Just joined!

    Nicely Rom

  7. i love your giveaway, hope to win..

    noemi dela cruz

  8. I love this giveaway
    hope to win =)


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