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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ano Hanap Mo? Sulit Travel, Experiences and Travel Items?

As you know, I have a comprehensive listing of all coupon sites in the Philippines compiled in a blog post and it's one of my popular posts. Coupon sites sell travel packages there at a "cheaper " price, right? I don't avail of travel packages there nowadays because of the likelihood of stress over the limitations and hidden charges. I do buy food coupons and items (never again haha) occasionally. The most I got were food trips to restaurants like Big Better Burgers, some Fruit Magic and my ever so favorite Thai Dara in Gilmore. The worst I got for travel items which they didn't allow me to return - a pocket chair (which doesn't fit my pocket and couldn't assemble, I bought this for trips like the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta) and a mini travel iron (which I'm very dubious to use since the dial was broken when it got to me). Now, allow me to present an alternative site for tours and travel items where you have the power to talk directly to one seller (instead of being tossed between coupon sites and the merchant for your inquiries and feedback) and influence their rating if ever you experience something really bad -


Sulit is the preferred online buy-and-sell classifieds site of most entrepreneurs and buyers I know. The entrepreneurs and sellers like Sulit because of the customers and nationwide coverage of the people looking for almost anything in the Philippines. The buyers like Sulit because they can find all sorts of stuff, even weird stuff haha, and they get to canvass and be a "suki" of a company or somebody who (most of the time) will agree to meetups and CODs before they even part with their hard-earned money.

My first Sulit experience haha: Desperate and without an inkling on where to buy floating lanterns for a surprise 7th year anniversary party for BK a few years ago, I gave in and started searching one day.


Within minutes, I found a supplier in Antipolo willing to meet me COD (cash on delivery) and sell me just around 10 colorful pieces (I also found the cheapest incidentally hehe) plus she suggested I buy a heart-shaped one hahaha.


Fast forward to that wonderful evening, everybody was asking me where the heck I got them. I couldn't exactly remember which seller but Sulit was just stuck as the place to go find the ingredients for a wonderful experience. I'm sure the seller is still there.


Now, as in this moment, there are in fact more than 85,000 users online at one time at - that means there are over 85,000 people that are looking for cars, real estate, gadgets, business opportunities, customers and many more in the present! It's just simply amazing how a very young couple Mr. RJ David's (Sulit's co-founder and managing director, developer) and wife Arianne David's (Sulit's co-founder, design and testing) vision has translated into a community of millions of sulitizens haha. They made the site grow with a P2400 investment in their pockets by the way!


I'm looking forward to more Sulit experiences. How about you? The interface is user-friendly for both buyers and sellers so I'll just leave you to explore it on your own =) If you're a seller, I heard Sulit Gold can work wonders to highlight your products and offerings. See the yellow highlighted part? =)

If you're looking for something, just head to Check out the Sulit Facebook page and Sulit Twitter page for more developments =) For more questions and FAQs about Sulit, click here and here! FYI, there are lots of travel tours available there that you can try. Like coupon sites, you try at your own risk =) If you find and have your very own travel "suki" there or happened find some cool travel items, tell me below!


Here are my Top 10 Sulit Finds (mostly travel items haha, feel free to click on the links if you're curious) =)

1. A Coron Eco Package Tour or any other tour (for my travels)

2. Keds Shoes (for my lakwatsas)

3. Lonely Planet Travel eBook Collection (food for my soul)

4. Word Search (for stopovers)

5. Kettlebell (for exercise)

6. Hypergear Waterproof Duffel Bag! (for long trips)

7. Lowepro Trekking Camera Bag (for handcarry)

8. Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap (for my camera)

9. Waterproof Drybag (for my beach trips)

10. Pacsafe Limited Edition Key Card Lock (for my luggage)


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