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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saving Tip # 8 - Of Coupons, Trips, Extras and Savings - List of 100 Group Buying Sites in the Philippines - UPDATED 6/13/14

Coupon sites became a very big deal in the Philippines last 2010. I want to share a few tips to maximize our savings through the 100 (and counting) coupon sites available in our market today.

Group buying sites are there to leverage on the power of word-of-mouth through huge savings and bulk-buying. It will be such a waste if we, as consumers, don't make the most out of their crazy deals and antics just to get more people to support their sites. Continue reading for Girl Kuripot's list of Philippine Coupon Sites.

Here are examples of coupon sites or what we call group buying sites in the Philippines with links by alphabetical order that I compiled (some have no-cash out offers like buy at Zero Pesos or contests available today so do check them one by one, others have no deals today and you can check out after a month or two if they are still active): (invalid domain now)
All Deals Asia (stuck, doesn't load) (became, , no longer group buying site) (retired)
A-Deals by Ayala Malls
BargainHunter (invalid domain now)
Beeconomic Groupon (now invalid domain, previously merged with MyDeluxeCity)
BigDeals (invalid domain now)
Bilmoko (not live)
Brieo (not live)
Budget Pinoy
Buyanihan (retired, no longer group buying site)
Cash Cash Pinoy
Catch the Deal
Cheapipay (became e-commerce, no longer group buying site)
Cheezy Deals (not live)
CityPoynt (not live)
CleverBuy (invalid domain now, closed - CleverBuy case)
Couppie (became Chinese,
Crazy Deals (invalid domain now)
Cuponz (no more deals now)
Daily Deals Asia (doesn't load)
Deal Avenue (invalid domain now)
Deal Dozen
Deal Grocer
DealMania (invalid domain now, previously merged with Ensogo)
Deal Market (no more deals now, sell your unused coupons here at this site, buy some at lower rates) - read my post on Deal Market
Dealsandsteals (invalid domain now, previously redirects to another site)
DealsHappy (doesn't load, previously no more deals)
DealSPOT (now e-commerce with discounts)
DealsTent (not live)
Discounted Deals (no more multiply)
DiscountPilipinas (doesn't load, previously no more deals)
EatsOkay (doesn't load, previously invalid domain)
ESariSari (doesn't load, previously invalid domain)
ETreet (invalid domain now)
Events & Weddings (no more deals now)
E-DealsToGo (invalid domain now)
Filodeals (doesn't load, previously invalid domain)
FuntastikDeals (invalid domain now)
GoDeals (invalid domain now)
Granton World Philippines
GroupDeals (invalid domain now)
Gupo (now e-commerce)
HaloHaloDeals (doesn't load) (invalid domain now)
HighLife (invalid domain now) (not live, became Resorts World Manila shopping site)
Juanderdeals (doesn't load, previously invalid domain)
Kids-Agogo (no longer group buying site)
Kuponan eBay
LocalRoam (became travel booking site)
Lucky7 (no more deals now)
MasaDeals (doesn't load, previously invalid domain)
MaxSaver (invalid domain now)
MegaDeals (invalid domain now, previously no more deals)
MeloDeal (invalid domain now)
Muraito (invalid domain now) (no more deals now)
MyCityCounts (no more deals now)
MyShopmates (invalid domain now)
MySulitDeals (invalid domain now) (redirects to now, previously invalid domain)
Pakyaw (merged with Deal Grocer)
Pilipinas Best Buys (doesn't load, previously no more deals)
PilipinasDeals (doesn't load, previously invalid domain)
Plejee (invalid domain now)
Presyong Patok (no more deals now)
Randombox Deal (invalid domain now, previously no more deals) (invalid domain now)
SaveonPinoy (invalid domain now, previously no more deals)
Shiloh'sList (not live)
SMAC Deals
SnagtheCity - Cebu (doesn't load, previously not live)
South Deals - South (invalid domain now)
SulitKeni - Pampanga (invalid domain now, previously no more deals)
TaraLetsBuy (invalid domain now)
TCAT Philippines
TipidIto (doesn't load, previously invalid domain)
TravelSmart (became travel promo site, previously invalid domain)
Twangoo (no more deals now) Deal Savers (became online shopping mall)
WinnerKa (invalid domain now)
Wishlist Delivery (doesn't load)
WowDeal (not live)
Yugadeals (no more deals)

I am happy for these coupon sites because they give us opportunities for great savings and it's fun to try out new stuff with a lesser cost (parang discounted patikim). I hope we don't get tired of being an excited coupon site consumer. If we must consume, why not spend our money on great deals? 

Did I catch them all? There might be more coupon sites I'm unaware of. Comment below. Feel free to post upcoming deals here (just don't post any friend referral links).

Note: The numbers are increasing so fast. Be careful of your details.

Update 8/2012: They came and invaded the Philippines. Other sites went as fast. I've decided to list down all who dared to make this model work. Other sites are still live but don't have recent deals.

Update 1/2013: Others have invalid domains now and some are still active but have no more deals now (just check at another time in the future again).

Update 6/2014: Of the 98 last year, only about 23 are still alive. There are a couple (A-Deals and SMAC Deals) run by big malls (deals on their merchants so they have more solid clients in my opinion) and some of the pioneers like Deal Grocer are going strong. The number of deals for the majority have decreased significantly - as in just one left. I predict they will have no more deals soon and die a natural death. I also suspect that they are no longer manning the sites and they are just waiting for the domains to expire and do a long deal for their last hurrah. Other sites chose to become online shopping malls instead removing the short time period for deals. Some travel-related ones became travel booking sites. If you like the names, most of the domains are available to buy as most no longer renewed their domains. There's one newcomer that slashes the price depending on the end number of people who grab the item. There's a minimum (grabs) though for the item sale to push through.


  1. Are all that you posted are sure legits deal giver????? THANKS!!!

  2. nobody can tell if all of them are legit (as in with no other ill-intention). they are all for Filipinos though and they operate as a group buying site. even if you contact them and they tell you they're legit, the choice to trust them lies with you. that's why i ask my readers to be careful with their details.

  3. meron pa
    na mag launching next week

  4. hong dami pala. yung mga main brands lang ang natunugan ko. it's groupon wave I guess

  5. Allo everyone!

    Live inspired; experience your city anew.

    We're Filodeals, a boutique group buying site, and we will be arriving in Manila soon.

    Do drop by our website and facebook page

    Thanks! :-)

  6. Thank you for including us in your post. Great honor indeed! Great article as well! We'll give you our best to bring you the best deals possible. And you are right, do be reminded everyone to always read the fine prints before your purchase to enjoy your deals at satisfactory standard!

    Chill out this summer with our interesting raffle prizes at or join our contest at

    Cheers everyone!

  7. i want to post this blogposts link to my tumblr. :) can i? thanks so much. :) these sites are really of great help.

  8. Hi! Would appreciate if you could link this post url instead and give me ur tumblr so that i can also visit.thanks=)

  9. there's a new website but it's only for pampanga.

  10., please stop flooding my post. Thank you. - GK

  11. hey guiltless, there is another site for pampanga only. they launched just last month.

  12. wow, that's great!

  13. Thanks Guiltless for the regular updates!

  14. Hi Guiltless, For you, what do you think are the top 10 Coupon sites in the philippines?

  15. Saving this to my reading list (you gotta love the new Safari feature on iOS 5!). Great post.... P.S. Happy Friday, everyone :)

  16. among the site I love Cashcashpinoy, ensogo and groupon ph

  17. for the top coupon sites, check this out

  18. Great list melody, Groupon Philippines (beeconomic) offers 4% cashback rebate through pandacashback :

    all you need is to sign up for free account and earn 4% rebate each time you shop in Groupon philippines

  19. Hi Melody Co, you may now add GrabThis on your list. They launched their site last month and now started offering the first product -- Ostrich Pillow Light for a limited time until it replaces by their next product solar-powered charger for mobile phones.

  20. Hello :D is the coupon sites u posted r legit ? nd can u label which is more better :D ?


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