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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blog About Your Summer Experiece, Win Native Shoes!

This is a chance to win P2500 worth of Native Shoes!

To join, all you have to do is blog about your favorite summer experience or your dream summer trip. Nuffnang Philippines will be giving away 20 P2500 Native Shoes GCs.

You have until June 20, 2013!

As for me, I just had a very weird but exciting summer haha. My two consecutive flights back to Manila were delayed and instead of getting frustrated, I spent the nights in hotel rooms =) For my Bali flight, PAL took care of us and made arrangements to stay at the All Seasons Bali Hotel in Kuta (Accor chain). I almost did not wake up for the morning flight hahaha. As a consequence of my Sapporo - Hong Kong flight delay, we were able to explore and get to the Royce Chocolate Factory at the New Chitose Airport (Sapporo), as well as stayed for one more night at the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong for a night, courtesy of Cathay Pacific. It was located super close to the Hong Kong International Airport (we didn't even have to exit the airport in fact) so it was super convenient for our Hong Kong - Manila flight! Watch out for the long stories of my trips at Guiltless Getaways. =)

I think I'm one of the few who are happy that my flights were moved to a later time. Hahaha. Aside from the safety first rule, it's this travel blogger's dream to live in hotels around the world. I hope I can travel with Native Shoes in my next adventures. Hehe.

What's your 2013 summer story?



  1. My bora summer experienced was a blast!!! i was like a girly girl in a swimsuit,shades and hat inside a big paradise painting! that's how i described my first experience about boracay! :) i think upto now, i'm still in a state of what others says a so-called boracay fever!!!!! hope to be there again soon even if it still not summer hehehe...

    1. i wanna see!!! haha. private picture hehe. go back in august!!! it's my favorite time to go there =)

  2. Hahah weird but true, my summer story wasn't that much interesting. I was always home, and always watching korean dramas as in everyday. We have a swimming pool in our house so I think that was quite interesting somehow XD

  3. summer experience?stay at my lola's home to take care of her coz she was sick

  4. my memorable summer experience is when my husband and i spent our honeymoon at baguio city, we had seen the flower festival,pick strawberr,visit the famous mansion..

  5. summer is my favorite season and my most memorable during summer is when we go to bolinao very amazing place!

  6. an unforgettable summer experience was when I went to Bicol this year. We traveled by van and after 12 hours of travelling I got a call from an employer asking me for an interview the next day. I got no choice but to go home immediately. Lucky me hahaha

  7. I blogged my summer experience, don't know if it counts but ill give it a shot:

  8. My unforgettable summer experience was pigging out at my favorite restaurants and trying some new ones!

  9. My summer story... Went hiking at Pico de loro. Tiring but it was a great adventure! It was my first time to go hiking, and at the beginning I was so apprehensive because the others were already experienced mountaineers (except for a few of us). But I was able to go up and down in one piece! I have to check climbing up a mountain on my bucket list. :D

    I'm a bit sad I wasn't able to go to the beach this summer, but I still was able to go for a swim at Ace Water Spa with my SO. :) This summer was indeed great! :)

  10. MY unforgettable summer experience is when my grandfather invite us to visit their acestral house at Tayabas, Quezon Province. I can't believe that there's a lot of cornfield and buco tree. We harvest some of them and enjoy drinking and eating. Then we go to river and ride in a bangka. Gosh, it's hard to paddle because of the current water then aftr we reach our destination we go for a swim. I love the sunset and it was fun to be with the family. Note, don't forget to bring your camera or you might miss/loose the unforgettable moment. ;)


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