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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Saving Tip #13 - Tips for Handling Multiple Philippine Credit Cards

Most people say that it's a saving tip to not have credit cards at all. I say - I'm saving more thanks to credit cards - both time and money! There's absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as you use it like a debit card and pay even before the cut-off. Because I can't find any debit card in the market that can satisfy my requirements, I use my credit card and spend according to the balance in the bank (nothing over the bank account balance). I recently came across an article by Allan Ngo at the Tulay paper called Tips for Handling Multiple Credit Cards and I found myself agreeing and coincidentally those are what I do. Haha. At this time, as more and more banks recognize the Filipino's zest for travel, there are so many of them offering credit cards with travel benefits and other rewards. You'll most likely have more than one Philippine-issued credit card (sometimes, even some dedicated for traveling outside the country). So I'd like to permanently share the article online and add some thoughts for you.


1. Stretching your credit term. - I've heard of people who max out their credit term. Say you purchase on June 9 after your statement date (June 8) so you have until the next cut-off in July (and not June 29) to pay. To sum it up, Allan Ngo says you can have up to 49 days of credit if you use your card at the right moment after your statement cut-off date.

As for me, I stretch out my term only up to a certain number of days after my purchase. Because my purpose is only to have enough time to schedule and pay more than one purchase at the same time and in one checking. This valuable piece of info is nice and becomes more important if I'm on a trip for example and can't go to the bank or online ASAP. It just buys me time to organize things while earning miles and claiming rewards at the same time, as compared to paying it straight cash (I don't want carrying a lot when I'm out) =) It also delays me buying stuff I don't need (like saying "I'll just buy this after the cut-off because I don't want it as an expense this month" then I forget about it haha).


2. Bring only cards you use. So that if you're wallet goes missing or you're on a trip, all others are safe and you wouldn't have to call up all the banks and dig up all your records.

Bringing a lot also makes your wallet bulky. Bringing around 2 or bring 1 with cash are the best options for me, just in case they don't accept my other card, their machine breaks down or if they keep getting errors.


3. Waiving of annual fees. - There's really one time per credit card per year where you're fate is with the card company. I don't like fees and have them cut those that I don't use if they insist.


4. Never forget your due dates. - All I can say is enroll online so you can see your outstanding balance within a few days. Don't wait until the cut-off date, pay a few days after your purchase. I challenge myself to receive a 0.00 balance every time my statement comes ;)

5. Maximize rewards points or promos. - Allan Ngo provides a really sneaky trick haha. Pay in advance to make your increase your purchase total for recurrent bills. No more headache lining up for next month to boot! 

Just take note - there are other credit cards that charge for excess payment. This is different from swiping and paying in advance to the store or company itself. They will like that excess payment. 


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Enjoy that ca-ching and use it wisely! =)



  1. Great tips here Melody. Been using my credit cards as well and I just so love the freebies and leverage when it comes to paying. Having one can boost your travel fund. Discipline is essential and takes some serious tracking of expenditures.

    1. agree! the need to have a 0.00 credit card balance keeps me paying on time =) and i'd rather spend that interest rate payment on travel! card companies make money off my purchases anyway hehe. i'm looking forward to using those miles hahaha.


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