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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Ultimate Girl Kuripot Winner for 2013 and the Girl Kuripot Winners Circle!

The Year 2013 has ended a month before and I'm all set to announce the ultimate GK winner! Congratulations to all of you who got to TRAVEL and WIN so many experiences!!! Here are those who submitted for the Ultimate Girl Kuripot Search of 2013! I conducted a raffle for all who joined and qualified so equal chances for all winners who joined =)

Our Ultimate GK Winner this year 2013 is Anne Adona of Caloocan!!! She won my 2013 Polecats Manila Stellar on Broadway Giveaway. You will receive a package filled with goodies from my trips and some sponsors.

Here were our other contenders for this year's Ultimate Girl Kuripot Contest (arranged by submission date). They are all GK winners (men included) from all over the Philippines =) Check out the Girl Kuripot Winners Circle Album for their stories!

James Cubelo of Pasay won my 2013 Pay It Forward giveaway
Girlie Kilario of Cavite won my SM Cinema e-Plus Les Miserables Red Carpet Premiere
Michelle Lalic of Bulacan won my 2013 Pay It Forward giveaway
Ronalyn of Cavite won a slot on the Wiki Korea Tour!
Sherry Ann Cruz of Bulacan won my Zinio giveaway
Gheline Tolentino of Quezon City won my Bubble Tea giveaway
Marijoy Satana of Makati won my Pastelcloud giveaway
Istin Paigna of Pasig won my Bubble Tea giveaway

Cheers to all Girl Kuripot & Guiltless Getaways winners and readers out there! I hope you find your voice and tell me all about your winnings and travels in 2014! Let's travel and win more this year =)

Would love feedback on what kind of Girl Kuripot travel-related or experience-related giveaways you want. =)



  1. Hurray!! Girl Kuripot never fails to make me feel special. Thank you so much! I am honored to be the Ultimate GK Winner for 2013! What a way to start my 2014! Yoohoooo!! ;)

    Wishing you the best of health, Melody, so you could enjoy all of your exciting trips in the future. Have a blessed year! <3

  2. Got the package today! Feels as if you tagged me along your trips! I love it!! <3

    Thanks a lot for your generosity, Melody! You have my continued support. You are one lovely, smart, interesting, caring, super awesome blogger! Wishing you more exciting adventures!!

    Thanks for the greeting, Istin! :)

  3. hello, im james cubelo. sorry for the late response. just got home from province..
    i hope you still forgive me...


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