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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indiependence Week Musicfest in Tiendesitas, Indie Music in Manila This Week!

A lot is supposed to happen in Manila on the week of June 12 - freedom seat sales, freedom mall sales and freedom concerts. I've found the Indiependence Week Musicfest and the 19th French Film Festival in Manila so far. BK and I sampled one last year - we celebrated our anniversary during one of the nights of the Independence Music Fest in Tiendesitas! It was a night filled with the greatest OPM hits and my favorite performer of all time (walang kupas, Paolo Santos hehe). During this week, take in the Indie music scene in Manila. I myself haven't heard of these groups yet... I suggest you go eat a proudly Pinoy dinner at Tiendesitas on June 12 =)


June 10, Tiendesitas - Autotelic, Brisom, Bullet Dumas, Kuwan 
June 11, Tiendesitas - BP Villanueva, Cheats, Squid 9, Stereo Deal
June 12, Tiendesitas - Imago, MoonWlk, Peso Movement, Ransom Collective
click here for more info, no entrance, just eat there, starts 8 p.m.
Free Shuttle from Greenhills to Tiendesitas from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Enjoy the freedom to listen to some good and never old Pinoy music. Happy Independence Week! Rock on, Philippines! =)


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