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Monday, June 16, 2014

What's New with the Girl Kuripot Blog?

Hi, Guys! What's New? Well, I decided to add another layer to my favorite things to tell you about in this blog :) You already know that I feature promos with travel prizes like free trips and free stays around the world. Due to my love for music and films, I also feature various film festivals and music festivals happening in Manila and all over the country. Because I want you to have more adventures and expand your knowledge, there are promos here that have experiences as prizes too. You may also notice photography and video competitions that are related to the tourism, the environment, culture and people. I believe all these can be grouped under the GK-style of Travel & Experiences (very worth the time & effort). The addition I am talking about involves promos on Food of Worldly Cuisines! If you follow my thinking, I believe that in sampling food from other cuisines, like foreign films, is a way of experiencing (a taste of) another country or region without physically going that far away. Of course, some are authentic and some are suited to the Pinoy taste to make it a bit easier for our palate.

I put my lengthier food reviews at Guiltless Getaways. I will put sulit deals on Food here at Girl Kuripot. :D Please do note that I may point you to a deal that's not that cheap in your opinion. Kindly remember that I'm not always after the cheapest but the most worth it for the price or a try or my time or my tummy or my health in my opinion - this is my personal definition of "kuripot" (value for money, please see my definition of "money" here at GK while you're at it). I can see organic market announcements in the horizon haha.

Anyhoo, I hope you'll love this new section! Until the next posts! Other suggestions are welcome - please commnt below :) If you have news about any of my topics, please don't hesitate to contact me through the form ;)



  1. Glad to see these additional posts. Looking forward to more contest posts :)

  2. Your passion for travel really shows! Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures with us. Keep them coming! :)

    1. thanks for your continued support too, anna! you're awesome! =D


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